Winning Trump crossed hopes terrorists (Video)

1 год ago
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Winning Donald Trump in the elections in the US stirred up the Middle East. Warriors simply thrown – Turkey support stopped, ran out of money in Qatar, Saudi Arabia busy patching holes in the budget and containment of angry Yemeni Huthis Europe waits noticeably cooled the revolutionaries after a series of recent terrorist attacks and riots involving migrants.

A new US president, said openly – Syrian rebels – are terrorists such as those who sent the planes into the twin towers on 11 September 2001.

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The first who responded to the elections in the United States was united headquarters of terrorist groups in Idlib, the Syrian province, captured jihadists. It is often a joke, but maybe not, is called “the Syrian headquarters of Hillary Clinton.” Leaders of groups concerned with the question of when there will be new deliveries of weapons and militants will continue even if Western aid?

Without external financing terrorists will not be able to keep the thousands of foreign mercenaries. And this is the main battle-worthy part of the so-called Syrian opposition. By the way, among them quite a lot of people who do not even speak Arabic.

Between the groups began fighting terrorists in boilers Eastern and Western Guta and in the blocked east of Aleppo. Some fighters, mostly of Syrian origin, was tired of fighting. Hopes of winning is long gone, and the chances to die under the blows of the ubiquitous Russian FSI and Syrian tanks have never been higher. Militants want to surrender to government forces and to take advantage of the amnesty, as did 69 militants groups in Homs, Damascus and elsewhere.

Foreign thugs who came to jihad in Syria is perceived as a betrayal. They are something one does not give amnesty. Therefore, they are trying to force hold a gun fighters. To win a little time, leaders of insurgents in Aleppo asked humanitarian pause. After they fired humanitarian corridors, grass civilians gas staged demonstration punishment of those who tried to leave the besieged part of the city. Now, the terrorists asked for mercy and try to get in touch with the Russian and Syrian military. So far, to no avail. By the way, confusion reigns among the Islamists not only in Syria.


Planned protests banned radical movement the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo had been canceled the day after winning Trump. Egypt sighed quietly – recently President Alsisi pursued a policy of rapprochement with Russia and Syria to the displeasure of the White House. From Washington and threatened sanctions and termination of fuel supplies from Saudi Arabia, and even intensification of terrorists. Hillary called Egyptian President bloody dictator.

And Trump, on the contrary, supported the authoritarian Egyptian patriot. Yet surprisingly, both contrary to the desires of the world’s elite in our eyes begins the era of powerful politicians.


Originally appeared at: Tsargrad

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