WHOA! Hidden Video Shows Obama Doing Something DISGUSTING, He’s Nasty

1 год ago
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The mainstream media salivated over the unexpected discovery of Donald Trump’s hot mic second but I wager they won’t be willing to give any air time to this Barack Obama video. The activities of the president in this video are more disgusting as opposed to simple locker room banter Trump participated in 11 years past and much uglier.
Subsequently in front of giggling female reporters Senator Barack Obama is apparently showing off an erection.

Seemingly, the Illinois senator was really excited about his huge win.

If, if, the White House is questioned to voice a reply and that’s a huge, it is going to not be easy to deny Obama didn’t understand just how excited he was to have another main notch on his belt. I’m quite confident a man can feel when he’s an erection, although not being a guy, I can’t say for sure.

In one still picture snapped of Obama flashing his (covered) humanness on the airplane, the future president seemed to be grinning directly at the somewhat amused reporters.

Obama was on his cell phone the whole time the video had been filmed. It’s not understood what he was saying or who he was speaking to.

If Obama failed to understand he had an erection, why was he giving the adoring crowd such generous perspectives of it? He moved around as if whirling before a mirror, and his legs moved apart and braced a foot on the opposite side of the aisle on a seat. Strange behaviour for a guy trying to hide what many would feel to be an incredibly mortifying moment.

While CNN never showed the video footage, a carefully cropped picture of the event was printed on the network’s web site.

The link to the Obama erection picture on CNN has been removed. After it was shared on an internet site report featuring the video the page probably got a plethora of hits.

Liberal pundits mightn’t need the video to be seen by the American people, but millions of voters happen to be seeing and sharing it online!


Source: Angrypatriot

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