Who will manage the US, along with Donald Trump

1 год ago
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Donald Trump – American hero who always triumph in the movie, but that seemed to be there, and perhaps never had in real life. The rule that one is a warrior, is, alas, is usually fair, individualist confinement in real life it is difficult to win. Even such prominent as president of Trump – he, too, need a team.

We came into politics bright charismatic billionaire initially it was not, he was the director himself. However, as you know, a holy place is never empty.
Who is included in the President’s Men?

We saw these people on the first speech Trump in New York, when the elections have not even finished, but his rival Hillary Clinton has congratulated him on his victory. Billionaire first appeared in the status of the president. One of these people – understudy Trump – America and the world have learned this summer. This vice-president Mike Pence, a lawyer by education, the governor of Indiana, a former congressman.

Conservative politician, born in 1959, the middle class, a prominent figure in the so-called Tea Party, which appeared in 2009 in protest against the excesses of democratic government that made America more dissimilar to myself.

Nothing unusual Pence, who was standing on the first speech of President Trump beside him and feelingly staring at him until he scored. Is that won the only vice presidential debate with his opponent – Democrat Tim Kane, though CNN to actively “podsuzhivala”. In Pence everything ahead, as the power of the vice president, who is at the junction of the executive and legislative powers, it is very high. And if Trump something happens, that he will lead the country.


But in this historic hour of the Americans and the whole world saw and others, which will be based Trump and who wants it or not, it will be – one way or another – to “do”.

What is said of his own assistants Trump?

“They said that we have a small headquarters, but not so small -. Said, presenting his entourage, Trump -. Look at all these people -. Kellienn, Chris, Rudy, Steve and David We’re all very talented people . and osobennye.Ya also wish to express our special gratitude to the former mayor (New York) Rudy Giuliani. He’s amazing. He went everywhere with us, was at all the meetings, and Rudy never changes. The governor (NJ) Chris Christie was great. Thank you, Chris. Lovely people, the best senator, a prominent politician. By the way, it is very respected in Washington. Senator Jeff Seshns. A great man, a strong fighter “…

“Dr. Ben Carson – continued Trump -. Where is he, Mike Huckabee, too, around here, and he’s incredible thanks General Mike Flynn Where Mike And General Clogg More than 200 generals and admirals have supported our campaign?…?. and they are all special people. we have a team of 22 people who were awarded the Medal of Honor. ”

And then Trump mentioned person, which allocated among all, and even offered to speak to the Republican Party activists in the hour of its triumph, sharing with it a place at the microphone: “Especially people, about which he wrote that he does not get along with me, but we always have. We had a good relationship.

The real star. He … Well, you guessed it? Let me tell you about Raines. Look at all these people around. Raines – superstar. Raines, I said that they will not call you a superstar, if we lose. And he was very industrious, and to some extent because of me. Come on, Mr. Raines. ”

“.. Ladies and gentlemen, before you a new president of the United States, Donald Trump Thanks It was a great honor God bless you, and thank God.” – Said the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Pribas Raines, “Secretary General” Republicans. Speaking “in front of you the new President of the United States,” Pribas pointed to Trump, but at that moment some certainly seemed that the new US president could someday prove himself. And that Trump is also understood and did not even mind.


Presenting his associates, the president of the Trump said: “It is said that today is a historic event, but that it really was a historic, we need to work a lot, and I promise I will not let you down We’ll do a fine job I’m looking forward to.. when I’m your President, and I hope that in two years, or three, four or even eight, you say that you are proud to have worked with me, and I will tell you very much. ”

Who can enter the command Trump else?

There is no doubt that the new US leader will form his own political team of the mentioned persons and some other politicians, which was not in the really historical moment beside him on the podium. Political scientists, in particular, the new Secretary of State designate the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the finance minister – a former banker and Hollywood producer Steve Mnuchina, Minister of Defense – General Flynn.

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are

Let poizuchat biographies of some of these individuals to better understand what we all expect from Trump.


Rudolph Giuliani – a very well-known in the US and outside the political figure that could well qualify once for the US presidency. He was in ’72, and he looked the podium does not matter. It can be seen that it is very tired. It is known that – unlike Trump – the ex-mayor of New York and ill kept by the power of the will. It unites with Trump not only that both men are known for their unconditional support of Israel and even thrice married.

Giuliani successfully fought against crime and unemployment in New York. Trump promises to make it across the country. He needed such assistants, the political clout is never enough.

Chris Christie – Governor of New Jersey, a lawyer and political scientist by training – a very curious person, which can not be denied, however, in the political sense and resourcefulness, as long as it manages to gubernatorstvovat by definition, a democratic and liberal state, being a Republican.

A few years ago it was considered a leading candidate for the party in the presidential elections of 2016, but a series of scandals and a complete failure on the primaries buried these prospects. It is time, in February of this year, put on Trump. Then it became a sensation and increased the chances of the latter to obtain the consent of the nominee of the Republican establishment, who believed until recently Trump clown, which will lead the party to a grand failure in the elections.


A year ago, Christie’s interview with Fox News allowed himself a number of aggressive statements against Russia and its president, immediately becoming a laughing stock among Americans. He said, in particular, in an interview with Fox News’s readiness “to enter the ring” against Putin, referring to the political ring, but still turned out very comical.
“The only American, whom he (Putin) can knock on the ring – Barack Obama.

Let me enter the ring against Vladimir Putin, and everything will be fine “- he argued in response rained a flurry of mocking response of Americans to assume that Christie.” Out of shape “and will not hold against Putin, and 15 seconds,” die already in the first round of a heart attack or stroke, Chris, no offense, but he will bend you in half “,”. “- she wrote the television is one of the viewers Another suggested that the governor of New Jersey, of course, would have won Putin, but only in the event. if it was the competition for food.

In matters of foreign policy Christi, as a candidate for US president, had also demonstrate greater dislike for Russia. So he demanded to put an end to the “volatile” Europe on Russian energy supplies, united for this with Mexico and Canada. He offered to “return” the US missiles in Poland and in the Baltic States to introduce a significant military contingent of troops. In Syria, he proposed to introduce a no-fly zone in the interest of terrorists in order to protect “those people who are US trained”, criticizing Obama for inaction. However serious post on “foreign policy” that Republicans are not tipped.

Alabama Senator Jeff Seshns, who had previously supported the rival Trump Texan Ted Cruz, was appointed on March 1 its billionaire chief adviser on national security and chairman of the national security advisers of the Committee. Seshns as Trump, a hard opponent of Muslim migration to the US and, as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is known as one of the main Republican hawks.

At the same time, he is strongly opposed to the neo-cons and the overthrow of the democratic slogans under the regimes in the Middle East, considering that it is contrary to US interests. Seshns stresses that “a foreign policy based on national interests, backed by the most powerful armed forces is in stark contrast interventionist ideas that can draw us further into regional chaos.”


Initially a supporter of hard to do with Russia to stop “Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and everywhere,” Seshns after the team Trump kinder to our country: “I think its emphasis on a more realistic, pragmatic policy is very good I believe that no. the need for confrontation with Russia and the United states. Kak-nibud we have to move this matter forward. Strategically for both countries is not justified. it may not work. Maybe with Putin will not be able to find a common language, but I do not blame him for his instinct to try do it”.

The Senator is also a supporter of US dominance in Europe, China and the strengthening of the enemy hard to do with Iran’s nuclear deal that allegedly threatens the security of Israel …

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn – one of the key advisors Trump in the field of foreign policy. In 2012-2014, he headed the Intelligence Office of the US Defense Department. This is a proud supporter of rapprochement with Russia, especially in the fight against terrorism and Islamic extremism. Flynn participated in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Russia’s RT television company, sitting next to Putin during a banquet.

And now – attention

And finally, Raines Pribas, born in 1972. Also a lawyer, “Secretary General” Republicans dreaming, according to his good knowledge of the people, to become president of the United States and methodically moving towards this goal. It is thanks to this man, we can say, Trump “did not eat” the Republican establishment. It was he who, having it in a very strong position, in particular, helped by the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan, largely made Trump President, realizing its potential. He had to maneuver to exercise flexibility miracles, defending, criticizing the Trump, for example, its “sexist statements”, which the billionaire called “playful chatter in the locker room.”


Pribasu had to deal with, and with the famous letter sent to him and signed by about 70 influential members of the Republican Party, in which they called on him to abandon support for Trump, whose “recklessness, incompetence and record unpopularity threatened by the fact that the Democrats in the current election defeat the” Republican …

For his “mission impossible” Pribas coped brilliantly: Trump went to the polls is not alone, as periodically threatened when faced with obstruction of the Republican power brokers, but as a representative of one of the two major US political parties that helped him win. Therefore Trump and called Pribasa in his “throne” speech “superstar”, whose political fate is closely linked to his own.

Such is the diverse team rallied around President Trump. It seems that these people will balance each other within the framework of the system of checks and balances, allowing Trump when it is necessary to consult, but to hold the line. And yet, these people will also depend very much, especially from certain.


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