Violent Leftists BEAT MAN UNCONSCIOUS During Berkeley Riots – JAIL THEM ALL (Video)

12 месяцев ago
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Liberal rioters attacked Donald Trump supporters when shutting down the free speech rights of a conservative speaker at U.C. Berkeley.

A man who has headed to hear Milo Yiannopoulos speak was beaten unconscious on a U.C. Berkeley street. “Beat his a**” witnesses are heard saying in the background. 

Vandalism was rampant on the California campus. Fires were started and windows were bashed, yet only one liberal student has been arrested.

Plenty of video and photos were taken during the riot. The evidence might take hours to look through, but ample proof exists to aid law enforcement in arresting ALL of the rioters who broke the law.

One young woman wearing a Make America Great Again hat had mace sprayed directly into her face. Multiple other beatings took place in the mayhem, which caused Berkeley officials to cancel the appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos.

We once again are seeing violence aimed at Trump supporters by the left and it is deemed acceptable. For some reason, this behavior is explained away in the media and I have yet to hear any politicians on the left come out to speak against it.

U.C. Berkeley has long heralded its reputation for being a tolerant school that cherishes diversity. Apparently, a gay conservative like Milo does not fit the California school’s particular brand of diversity. The liberal school has also long been regarded as the spot where the free speech movement began during the 1960s. That legacy is more than tainted today.

The First Amendment applies to all equally. Limits placed on our free speech rights involve shouts that induce panic — yelling “Fire!” when there isn’t one will likely get you arrested.

Slandering someone can also land you in court. Expressing an opinion liberal hordes do not agree with is NOT against the law — although it might have begun to feel like it during the Barack Obama administration.

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