Video of Trump’s “Mad Dog” Defense Secretary Surfaces, It’s Already Viral

1 год ago
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When Donald Trump appointed James “Mad Dog” Mattis to be his Secretary of Defense, he was actually fulfilling a campaign promise. He said he would surround himself with only the best and brightest, much like he did during his real-estate development days. Mattis fits the bill.

Here is what he said in a viral video about being thoroughly prepared at all times: “So long as you remember somebody on the other side is watching, hoping that you’re not at the top of your game, that you’re not reading, that you’re not working out, you’re not strong spiritually, then they’re gonna think they’ve got ya. You want to always be the toughest, the sharpest out there.”

There are a number of reasons why General Mattis is the right person for the job even though liberals are already decrying his appointment.

First of all, our military is going to get a needed face lift. Under Obama’s secretaries of state, this country has been plagued by micromanagement and inexperience. Really, this comes as no surprise because Obama is also extremely inexperienced as well.

“President Obama, he’s one of the youngest presidents we’ve ever had,” said Chuck Hagel, former Bush Defense Secretary.

He added this in a Town Hall article last April: “I think he’s got to fundamentally understand, and I’m not sure he ever did nor people around him, the tremendous responsibility the United States has. Not to be the world’s policemen but to lead, and we’re the only ones who can. The world becomes more dangerous, not less dangerous, when America gets less involved in the world. I don’t mean invading and occupying and imposing but leading.”

Then, there is General Mattis’s nickname, which is “Mad Dog.” Although liberals are considering this as a red flag, we can appreciate it because we know it will strike fear in the hearts of our enemies.

Now, be honest with yourself. Do you really think any of Obama’s cabinet posts have struck fear in our enemies at all? Judging by the events on the world stage, the answer to that question is no. Our enemies have grown stronger, not weaker. We are primed for another terrorist attack, and it won’t be from Al Qaeda this time either. It will be from ISIS.

Finally, Mattis has a wealth of experience to bring to the table. His 40-year track record as an excellent Marine has taught him what is needed to defeat our enemies. Part of this understanding is that “freedom isn’t free.”

The very fact that I am able to type at this laptop and share my thoughts is because many Americans left their family, some returned, some died, in order to help preserve my freedom. The very reason that public figures too can speak freely is because of the service the military has provided for the last 200 years.

America is definitely in much better hands with Mattis at the helm of the Defense Department than anyone Clinton would have chosen to appoint. It is time for strong leadership, and General Mattis will deliver just that.

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