US Army against Hillary Clinton

1 год ago
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Her opponent in the battle for the US presidency the US military believe her boyfriend

On how the US military are the current Democratic administration, the author of these lines was the one witnessed in the long corridors of the Frankfurt International Airport: go forth, two US military so earnestly, evil and so loudly scolded his Supreme Commander Obama, using the expression, a little what is different from the language of the cult film “Full Metal jacket”.

These two are probably just arrived from some “hot spots” where every day could be the last, and therefore fear to say anything superfluous did not exist …

And if that was the only time! Most often, the US military has to, of course, to hide their faces, criticizing their own government, as in commercials on the Internet, with angry letters in his hands: “Obama, we will not fight for your terrorists in Syria!”
The US military prefer Trump

. According to the data released earlier survey conducted by the portal, US Army, National Guard and reservists in general, do not like the possible Democratic successor Barack Obama – Hillary Clinton. +

Among survey participants spoke in favor of Trump 67% for Clinton – 21%.


“I have many reasons to vote for him. I watched him throughout his career. I know he’s crazy, but I really believe that he cares about us that he is concerned about America. In addition, Hillary involves a lot negative, “- he said on condition of anonymity, Major US army.

Among other ranks billionaire promises “to make America great again” and is designed for this purpose a detailed, time-bound program is the most popular in the Marines. It is supported by 74% of representatives of this kind of troops, whose hymn is sung, that if the representatives of the Army and the US Navy ever get to heaven, you will see that its streets patrolling Marines. The Army and Air Force Trump supported by 68% of respondents. In the Navy – 62%.
Among the officers of the level of support for the Republican candidate for the US presidency a little lower – 55% against 29% for Clinton.
But what about women in uniform, that is, about one in five US soldiers who allegedly constantly insults and humiliates Trump? Among them, it is supported by exactly half – 50%, Clinton – 36%. They obviously do not agree with the assertion of Obama that someone like Trump, “Do not hold near the nuclear button” and that by temperament and moral qualities he allegedly could not be the Supreme Commander. Also, statements of prominent Democrats that the US army “revolt” if the country headed by Trump.

It is interesting that in May of this year, according to another poll Military Times, for it were ready to vote 54% of the US military, for Clinton – about 25%. Thus, the billionaire increases lead. The number of US Army, including reservists, more than 2 million people. But there are also members of their families. This is a serious force, not only militarily, but also politically. And this power – a man with a gun and its surroundings – for Trump.

Why and what to do?

This is not surprising. And that’s why. Republican candidate for US president in their campaign speeches constantly expressed regret and even anger over the deplorable state of affairs in the US army and government against the veterans. How can there be such in the country, spending on military spending than all the rest of the world put together? It turns out, can.
In his keynote Getttisbergskoy speech Trump stated: “We get involved in military adventures abroad. Our war, stretching to infinity, because the people who they are, can not they win. They do not know how to win the war. Meanwhile, in our country, our heroic veterans die, without waiting for health care changes can not come from within the broken system -. and our system is broken. ”
“Hospitals Department of Veterans Affairs, – he continued – in poor condition, and the Ministry itself -. Also We will have something to do with it, because our veterans very badly treated in many cases, illegal immigrants are treated better than the veterans. . You can not do it this way!”

Billionaire cited in this regard the terrifying statistics: every day in the United States end up with an 22 ex-servicemen, primarily due to the fact that they can not be timely to get an appointment to see a doctor.


“We’re going to give them the opportunity to go to the house next door to a private doctor or a public hospital or in private around a lot of doctors who could help them, and will be glad of the extra money bill we pay so it will be cheaper, and more -… That much more important – we finally properly take care of veterans Because what is now being done to them, is totally unacceptable “, -. he concluded.

And it is not just words. Trump has pledged to carry out after the election of the US President in the life of a law on the restoration of national security. He promises, in particular, put an end to the reduction in defense spending and invest more money in defense.

“The armed forces are now more than ever we need We do not want to use them, but it provides the power of the world, and therefore we need a strong army now she’s terribly exhausted..”, – Said the Republican candidate for US president.

Trump also said that the US is not going to war with anyone, especially with Russia. What he tries to negotiate with Moscow, which, apparently, is also eager to achieve with America obliging both sides, and not only Russian, compromise agreements on many issues. At the same time he wants to strengthen the armed forces as a guarantor of peace and take care of those who are connected with them their lives, and it is – right. It is only prosper in them perverts of all stripes, to seek for themselves all sorts of concessions and has taken on has such strength that they will soon begin to oppress everyone else. The commander of US ground forces Eric Fanning – outdoor sodomite. The Pentagon began to celebrate the “Month of LGBT pride” …

Meanwhile, the US military is not only badly treated, but also very poorly fed this poison-GMO. This can be seen already by their appearance: unnatural width of the neck, arms, legs, puffy figures – soon it will be very difficult to run. In general, the sea of problems that Clinton and behind it forces not only will not solve, but be sure to aggravate. Trump, on the contrary, it seems, is ready and willing to solve many of them. So Democrats should think twice about whether to falsify the forthcoming elections, when the army – for Trump, who has already announced that he will not allow himself to rob, since “for the power offensively”


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