Tucker Carlson CONFRONTS CNN Host Over ‘Fake News,’ It’s ALL On Video

1 год ago
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If you are to believe the progressive left, then it was an invasion of “fake news” that led to the election of Donald Trump.

Of course, there was one small problem with that. If you are going to preach that standard, then you had better live that standard. Tucker Carlson called out CNN‘s Brian Stelter over this, in a conversation with Joe Concha. Tucker cut to a clip of Stelter speaking on the topic, saying “this is a performance from Biran Stelter on fake news.”

Performance is right! Stelter has propagated fake news himself. Stelter retweeted a story about a YouTube prankster getting removed from an airline flight without checking it first. The story turned out to be false, and Stelter’s retweet of it gave it some serious legs.

Stelter is the gentleman that has insisted you must “double check and triple check” a source before you re-tweet it or spread it. The fact that one of his stories proved to be false shows he is not living up to his standard.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Stelter has been caught with his pants down. He made some notable claims after Donald Trump was elected which the leftist media ate it all up.

The most notable of these claims was that “hundreds of Swastikas” were painted up in various location after Trump’s election, up to six days after he won. He claimed that people everywhere were the victim of racist language and harassment.

The problem? There were no swastikas painted up. This has been refuted time and time again. Stelter’s insistence that Trump’s election brought out a racist renaissance appears to be completely made up, perhaps out of dislike for Trump’s comments about the border a week previous.

The fact that Trump only repeated what every guard on the Southern border knows seems to have reached only deaf ears from Liberals like Stelter. The fact that he was playing right into Clinton’s hands on her insistence on playing the race card did not seem to have an impact with him either.

In looking at Stelter’s track record, it would appear that not only is he not against fake news, but he is one of the pioneers for it. Here it is just after Christmas, and the country is no more racist with Trump as the President-elect than they were with Obama.

Stelter also aligned with Hillary Clinton, who latched on to Trump’s statements and falsely claimed he was racist. This is despite the fact they have no proof to back up their claim.

Also, literally millions of people voted for Donald Trump because he actually told the truth about the current state of our country. This “blame game” garbage has got to stop. It wasn’t the Russians, it wasn’t because of propaganda, and it wasn’t because of “fake news.” Hillary Clinton lost because she is a liar.

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