Trump Plays To WIN, Goes NUCLEAR on Hillary in ‘Pervert’ Ad (Video)

1 год ago
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Hillary Clinton may have pending criminal charges with regard to her investigation that is e-mail.

Hillary’s exposure of our national secrets as this new Trump advertisement references has made her “unfit to function.”

The advertisement also says while she’s engulfed in a criminal investigation Hillary Clinton cannot satisfactorily serve as president.

Remember for supposedly sexting with the underage girl that Anthony Weiner stepped down in shame.

It is often reported that Weiner has checked himself into sex rehabilitation, certainly so while concealing in the limelight he could try and control his criminal whims.

These are the sort of folks herself is surrounded by Hillary Clinton with: gutter and tainted individuals who only care about themselves. They don’t contemplate the impact their activities may have on others. Furthermore, you can find rumors that Clinton participated or even knew about Weiner’s sex crimes! It’s despicable if either is accurate.

The president of America is assumed to represent what’s best about our nation, both at home and abroad.

Imagine: the president of the Usa could be involved in a sexting investigation that is underage! We do because we now have serious issues in this state n’t want this right now! While there are so a lot of people fighting in our market, that has been damaged by Obama we cannot afford to be coping with Clinton scandals.

ISIS is being lost to by our nation abroad, and help wo be n’ted by Clinton. No foreign leader will respects her after these scandals.

That’s why a lot of states are switching to Republican— Hillary’s corruption is being rejected by them.


Source: Angrypatriot

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