WATCH: Trump OBLITERATES CNN Reporter on Live TV. It’s Going Viral! (Video)

11 месяцев ago
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I have been waiting for Trump to take on CNN, and today it finally happened. He was calm, cool, and collected, and he absolutely obliterated Jim Acosta in the process.

When Acosta stood to ask his question, Trump immediately hit him with, “Your ratings aren’t as good as some of the other people that are waiting,” and that was just the beginning.

The most interesting part of the joust for me was around the two-minute mark, and it went on for about the next three minutes.

Trump really hit him about not only the dishonesty of the media but also the tone of which they are going after him.

Everything that makes headlines is hateful and ominous, and he is right.

The president went on to compliment Fox News, but only because they are honest, not because they applaud every move that he makes.

With the exception of someone like Shepard Smith, Trump is right.

I have heard some of his staunchest supporters criticize him when he messes up, and they are right to do so, but they do it fairly and are not mean-spirited in how they do it, so people trust them.

When it comes to networks like CNN, they not only selectively edit their content, but they also make Trump out to be some type of ogre. Trump even used his joust with Jim Acosta as an example, saying the headlines about the presser would portray him as ranting and raving, which he clearly was not doing it.

Earlier today, we reported about a judge who ruled against CNN, citing they did not report truthfully about a child’s clinic, and their erroneous reporting cost a man his job… and I want you to think about that.

If a fake news story about some small hospital can have that kind of devastating impact, what do you think the impact of the media making up stories about our president will be?

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