Trump Issues 12-Word Warning to Americans. Please Read.

11 месяцев ago
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Leftists and the establishment are trying to unite in order to take President Donald Trump down once and for all.

But Trump is fighting back with a simple warning about the “SECURITY OF OUR NATION.” The full quotation of this warning is four paragraphs below.

The incredibly corrupt 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously decided to stop Trump from doing his constitutional duty of defending America by limiting the people who immigrate to America.

This was clearly a power move to stop Trump and defy the constitution of the United States. That means that our court system has been officially compromised. We’re in a constitutional crisis.

When Trump heard the news, he wasted no time and immediately penned the following warning to every American:


Donald Trump is now effectively a one-man movement defying both the left-wing and the establishment in order to protect the security interests of the United States.

He has shown no signs of ever surrendering or backing down. This means that the war that is about to unfold is the one that conservatives and patriots around America have been waiting on for their entire lives.

The war for America’s soul has begun. And the eventual conclusion will be victory. With the media against Trump, he will now need all of the help and support he can get from We the People.

If Americans don’t spread his message of defiance and share this warning from President Donald Trump, all hope of taking America back will be lost.

Don’t let Trump fight alone. Unless the people rise up and fight beside him, we will all lose.

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Originally appeared at  Angrypatriotmovement


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