Trump is not afraid of “Rose Revolution”

1 год ago
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Wiping the snot and tears, disillusioned Hillary went to smash the streets

The jokes about “maidan in the United States” was, as they say, only a fraction jokes. Losers supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton has forgotten about its own calls to recognize the election results, whatever they may be. Already November 9th singer Katy Perry began to publish calls for revolution. “Get up!”, “The revolution is coming!”, “Fight for what’s right!” – Wrote the singer on 9 November. After the riots began in Portland, she hastened to clarify what she meant by “peaceful protest”.

Globalists, of course, do not want to give way to a new world order, which represents the Donald Trump. At the head of the protest, did not have peace, there are those movements which, coincidentally, are sponsored by the Soros Foundation and other affiliated financier-speculator structures.

Tracing its impact can not be right, although journalists have long been trying to trace the financing of, for example, using the Democracy Alliance, left-liberal grassroots structures, suiting protest street protests like Occupy Wall Street and the Black lives matter. Umbrella structure of these funds and organizations allows the use of “pyramid contrary” to fund the necessary movements through a long chain of intermediaries.


Especially funny that the fighters “for the good”, released on US city streets, explain their actions by saying that now terrible rednecks will oppression of minorities and massive violation of rights. Indeed, Donald Trump is remembered by many for his eccentric statements, but no real reason to think about the persecution to those or other social groups yet.

But a bevy of hooligans with covered faces have flooded the streets of Portland and express their protest through pogroms shopping centers. By the way, the photos and video perfectly clear that among them is not so much the notorious “color”, which is called the main “victims” of the election Trump.

Appearance thugs, rather, is very reminiscent of those who stood on the streets of Kiev in 2004 and then 10 years later. And now, the boomerang came back, the Orange Revolution (or rather, given the large number of protesters among the representatives of sexual minorities and glamorous pop star, it would be logical to call the “pink”) came to his own home. I wonder if we tent camp, unloved Trump Senator McCain and Victoria Nuland, gave his legendary cookies will see.


Feast of disobedience

The protest in the United States – is a protest infantile indeterminate age who are unable to realize that the world is not created for them and their needs. It is for them to play You can not always get what you want in the post-election party Trump. But the message of the guys have not heard.

Himself newly elected president laughs, and there is no doubt that Twitter had no bevel: “Only that was very open and successful elections now professional protesters incited by the media, took to the streets Ai as unfair..!” “I like the fact that small groups of protesters last night so passionately worried about our great country. We all unite and be proud of it together!” – Later said Trump….

Best of all happening formulated perhaps showman Jade Silvestri: “American students are asked to output to cope with the moral shock of the election results Cry shorter Yes, in America it is the norm And yes, these same weeping students through tears and tantrums will be willing to… you to death, the chemical castration of your parents call you Hitler, and so only because they do not agree with them.

Modern America is choking under the yoke of dictators infantile hysterical, not past the age of three crisis. They never knew the real problems, from early childhood taught them to think that their opinion – truth in the last isntantsii, whence originates offended-culture.

And if any adult man saw something unpleasant, just turn away and leave, these people immediately begin to dictate to others how to and how not to think and speak, religiously convinced that their “insults” gives them complete a right “.


Revolution pink snot

Here is clearly noted by Silvestri detail – tears of hurt children, really occurs everywhere, where we are dealing with a disappointed supporters of Hillary. Face-liberal globalist turned face crying child – it’s such a shame that they could even feel sorry, do not dream it quite seriously, unlike Trump, destroy, exterminate all of his opponents.

As social networks are widely dispersed post some of the American teacher. “Boy-Muslim in the back row openly wept bitter tears. A Muslim girl in a rag on his head in a whisper told me that in the morning on the way to her latched on some goat. Her little brother was crying all morning and was afraid to go to school. The Korean technician from tear-stained eyes. Her younger sister was crying because I could not go to work. ”

Dad came

Some bloggers behind Silvestri laugh and even see it as a kind of favor: “Good afftor, making cognitive progress, and transmits a conscious children And there kids, you see, understand that tears will not help – and all of the tears are not paid And.. better overall smaller revel blooming snot, just around Trump, Trump, awful Trump short, Trump is still in office is not driven, and it is already working, and in the right direction:. look at the weeping audience certainly barbaric, but true. ”

So afraid of the Rose Revolution Trump is not worth it and is not afraid. And, it seems, even hopes to extract from it some benefit.
And well as infantile become a little older?


Originally appeared at: Tsargrad

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