Trump delivered the first speech as the new president of the United States

1 год ago
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In his speech, the billionaire urged Americans to overcome division and promised to be a president for all of them

Billionaire Donald Trump made his first speech as the new, 45th in the history of the US president. The broadcast of his speech led television channel CNN.
His Republican speech began with, apologized for the delay in its release to the supporters due to the fact that he received a call from Hillary Clinton, and gave them her congratulations on the victory.
In turn, Trump gentleman congratulated her opponent “with very heavy campaign” and declared that Clinton “fought seriously.”
According to Trump, it’s time for Americans to overcome division and united, regardless of affiliation to the Democrats and Republicans.
Trump also promised to be a president for all US citizens. “America, it is time to heal the wounds,” – said the billionaire-winner.

In addition, Donald Trump has promised supporters that under his leadership the US “get along with all the nations,” which, in turn, also have such an intention.
In conclusion of his speech, Trump confessed his love for America with difficulty over the noise of the crowd cheering and the roar of applause.
“It’s a terrific evening – he said -. I love this country Thank you.!”
Recall, the candidate of the US Republican Party, the president scored 288 electoral votes at the last elections the necessary 270.


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