Trump amazing final announcement: The political establishment against the people. If enough people see this ad, he wins.

1 год ago
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I do not see a lot of political advertising, I like, not to mention love. Most of them are either dishonest, false, too careful, or so devoid of substance to be completely meaningless.

What are you going to see an exception to all of this. This closing argument Donald Trump why he should be our next president. And it’s powerful. Will that he was so focused and so convincing, throughout the campaign, but that’s water under the bridge. We are two days away from election day, and it is within reach. He can win this thing.

And if enough people see this ad, it will:

This cuts to the heart of the matter, responding to every nerve voter who will continue all the things that bother him or her about Trump. Yes. We get it. But all of this pales in significance when compared with the fact that this ad addresses. The entire system was damaged, and it runs clearly against the interests of ordinary people, in order to benefit people who have learned to play the system. No one personifies that racket over the Clintons do. And no one has yet shamelessly exploiting it all for their own personal gain than Hillary Clinton does.

Ads smart, because he knows that you do not offer a long dissertation to get people to understand it. They know that Hillary Clinton. They just need someone to help them connect the dots, and it makes this ad.

Trump can not be a “true conservative.” It can not be completely moral person – although most of the evidence of this is getting to be long in the tooth. He can not have managerial experience. It is, of course, is not the most cautious man in relation to what comes out of his mouth. But against the types of threats faced by this country, there are many reasons to think your traditional Republican policies will not fight, or will do so only half-heartedly.

Trump will fight. This is really the beginning and end of this advert offers posts. The entire political class, including the media, mainly for the integrated agenda that benefits them and not benefit you. Trump not only tell you the truth about it, but he will fight with them on your behalf. No one who lives in a mental hospital does not think that Hillary will do anything, but to maintain the status quo and strive to personally benefit from it.

This is just about the best political ad I’ve ever seen. He brings home why, despite all its shortcomings, is the Trump people per hour.

Make sure that you all know, it sees.


Originally appeared at: Endingthefed

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