Trump against the Third World by the name of Hillary

1 год ago
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The Republican candidate is convinced that the war will begin his Democratic opponent
US presidential candidate from the Republican Party in an interview with Reuters news agency has warned the world that people with no liberal media stuffed head was clear before, and what has long warned Constantinople: the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Hillary Clinton – this is a war. And it is not some kind of limited and local, and the Third World. And as Armageddon place Donald Trump also correctly guessed Syria, what we are also warned.
Why Clinton – a major war?

“What we should do is to focus on LIH (banned in Russia) We do not need to focus the attention of Syria All over the third world war over Syria, if we listen to Hillary Clinton..”, – Said Trump. “You do not fight against you confront Syria as Russia and Iran, right And Russia is a nuclear country, unlike the others.?” – Said the billionaire. He has no doubt that it is this – the war with Russia and other allies of Damascus, especially Iran – will result in the realization of the intentions of former Secretary of State if she becomes president, the establishment of no-fly zones and security zones in Syria under the pretext of protecting its civilians.

Trump said that for him the priority is not the displacement of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and the struggle with radical Islamists, not only in Syria: “Do not focus on Syria, it is necessary to focus on the LIH”. “Assad is in second place after the LIH for me”, – he said, admitting that the position of the Syrian president is significantly strengthened over the past three years.

Why Clinton will never be able to make peace with Russia?

Republican candidate believes that the conflict with Russia may also contribute to “demonization” Clinton, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“She always puts Putin’s bad boy and bad. If she wins, she’s going to reopen negotiations with the man she was trying so hard to demonize as going to build relations with Russia?” – Trump asked a reasonable question. The billionaire suggested that the Russian leader in these conditions, as there will be no desire to deal with Clinton: “First of all, he does not want to negotiate Secondly, I do not believe it, that he respects even a fraction of it.”.
What Trump himself thinking about relations with Russia?

Republican contender for the seat in the White House clarified in this regard its own position in relation to Russia, with which it wants to establish pragmatic, based on mutual respect relationship.

“I would have hoped for good relations with Russia, and I would have hoped for good relations with Putin.” – Said Trump, adding that he does not consider himself “neither friends nor enemies of Russian.”

Attaches to relations with Russia of paramount importance, the billionaire said earlier that he was ready to pay a visit to Moscow to meet with Putin personally, even before his inauguration. As you can see, this attitude has not changed. And it more than matches the desire of Russia, where it is always good to Trump, and which, according to the press-secretary of its president, Dmitry Peskov, “looking for a good relationship, looking for communication, cooperation, and, accordingly, Moscow is ready to respond positively to any intention to engage in dialogue. ”
Foreign policy is not only a failure of Democrats in Syria

According to Trump, the Democratic administration’s policies, which will continue to Clinton, does not hold water, not only in the Middle East, but also in Asia. As an example, the US ailing position in the fastest growing region, he cited the situation in the “strategically important” Philippines, where President Rodrigo Duterte several times publicly insulted President Obama and pointedly turned his back on America.

“He may have struck a deal with China, because he went to China, and does business with it and Russia is therefore possible, and he has agreed with China and Russia.” – Says a Republican. “I feel just awful that the US is simply thrown out of the country and to belittle their importance”, – he added.

Conversely Watergate

Significant place in an interview with Reuters Trump dedicated Watergate vice versa: in 1974, US President Richard Nixon, a Republican, was forced to resign after it was proved the involvement of the administration to the operation manual for the audition of the Democratic Party in the same Washington hotel.

And Hillary Clinton herself made it possible to spy on each other and interested outsiders to read their email messages, occupying one of the most important for the national security of the post – Minister for Foreign Affairs. And the flagrant violations of the rules of official correspondence is actually on open communication lines took place with the connivance of the outgoing US President Barack Obama says billionaire.

“He holds on to it, because I do not want to be involved because he knew all about her personal server This means that all of this must be investigated..” – Trump demanded.

Most interestingly, the ex-Secretary of State, for its part, did not even hide it, recognizing that the use of your smartphone as a personal and business purposes, “for the sake of convenience”, it also involved a personal computer server for confidential official correspondence , for which the US Justice Department is not going to bring her any charges, although an official of lower rank and less elitist would be ruthlessly punished for it. As for the “non-elected” in the United States with this very strictly.
Trump had already warned about this

In his keynote speech, Trump said in this regard in Gettysburg on 22 October that the reason Clinton “should not have to run for the presidency of the United States, however, the FBI and the Justice Department cover its crimes”. The billionaire said that his rival in the fight for the presidency, “a lot of time lying to the FBI and Congress.” Trump has counted 39 cases of lies.

By coming a the audience shouts: “For grill it!” He also recalled that Clinton has erased 43 thousand emails already received a summons from the Congress.
Republican then recalled that, as it became known last week, the US “deserved general” James Cartwright face imprisonment for up to five years in prison and a large fine for what it is only once lied to the FBI, and allegedly on grounds of national security.

“Can you imagine how he feels the fact that Hillary many times violate a number of different laws, running – this is also why she was allowed to fraud.?” – Trump asked rhetorically, although the answer is well known to him. After all, he said publicly that Clinton would shoot someone in the presence of tens of thousands of witnesses, and go unpunished. Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi ( “What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to a bull”) – is known by the ancient Romans, who also at one time was a democracy.

Democrat law does not apply, and it’s scary

Therefore, no one except the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and remembers especially of those who knew many secrets of Staff of the Democratic Party of Sete Reach, who was killed on July 10 shot in the back on a street in Washington. About lawyer Sean Lucas, who knew better than anyone how manipulated the primaries Clinton, found dead on August 2 in the bath at his home.

About the writer and “antibiografe” couple Clintons Victor Thorn and several rapidly gone after each other in the life of the influential figures (John Ashe, Joe Montana) who were for Clinton’s problem solved by someone in the purely Stalinist style: no man, no problem .

Therefore, Trump is absolutely right: Clinton – it is death, it is a war.



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