Trey Gowdy – takes out the garbage, along with Obama

1 год ago
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The US Rep. Trey Gowdy has no qualms about pursuing the constitutional road less traveled and asking the tough questions.

In among his cogent and more sharp House floor addresses making the rounds a little constitutional literacy advanced to his fellow representatives. The 2014 address was in support of the Apply the Law Act, which would have empowered the Executive Branch to be sued by Congress . “The House of Representatives doesn’t exist to pass ‘propositions,’” Gowdy thundered. “We make law.”

The problem of the law of the Executive Branch’s selective enforcement has come under Barack Obama into a pinnacle. His use of regulations and Executive Orders to change law – and his refusal to apply laws is unconstitutional and unprecedented.

“The House of Representatives doesn’t exist to pass ‘propositions,’” Gowdy said. “We don’t exist to pass ‘ideas.’ Law is made by us. We make law!”

Truly, our country exists to an excellent extent illiterate. Many consider the President of the United States Of America has a mandate to do whatever she or he selects whenever they feel like it.

But that is certainly false.

A triangulated recourse to some veto override rests with the Judiciary Branch’s skill to mention constitutionality. Balance and this triangular check allows for three coequal branches of government that always keep a balance of power. Tyranny is warded off by this equilibrium.

This imbalance of powers that are national creates tyranny in government; it creates not the rule of law and an oligarchic regime that rules by political and ideological caveat. Anathema to what John Adams proscribed this imbalance, for our country creates a “state of men and not laws.”

In this language particularly, shows we must be a state bound by the rule of law and a literate country. When we adopt the social engineering of the Progressives and move from the rule of law, we stop to be a Constitutional Republic; We the Folks stop to be represented in government.

This is how we’ve existed over the last eight years. That is how should Hillary Clinton become president we are going to continue to exist; a state of tyrants, not of laws.



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