Trey Gowdy Goes OBLITERATES Hillary and On LIVE TV in Only 7 Words! (Video)

1 год ago
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Their mouthpiece surrogates and progressive Democrats are attempting to smear FBI Director James Comey, but the false story they may be selling is not being swallowed by many in Washington and beyond.

During an interview with FNC’s FOX & Friends, Steve Doocy asked US Rep. Trey Gowdy (R SC) if he thought FBI Director Comey was to blame for the uproar over the new evidence against Clinton involving her e-mails, mentioning Clinton’s insistence that he was, in fact, to attribute. Gowdy said This isn’t Comey’s fault…it’s Clinton ’s.”

Gowdy hit on a critical tactic used by progressives when they get caught doing unethical or illegal things. They consistently try and smear and discredit the lawman to cover their tracks.

The Clintons are notably masterful only at that approach. In specially in each scandal involving Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims and practically every scandal – – both Bill and Hillary have place to discrediting and smearing the victims of these activities. Hillary Clinton called Monica Lewinsky – established to have had sex with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office – a “narcissistic looney tune.”

In replying Doocy, Gowdy painted an exact picture of the situation according to fact. His depiction dismantled Clinton’s attempt to discredit Comey.

“To the best of my recollection, Director Comey did not tell [Clinton] to set up her own private email server,” Gowdy began. “He did not tell her to lie about almost every aspect of the emails. He didn’t tell Huma Abedin not to turn over all of her devices. And he didn’t tell Anthony Weiner to sext with underage girls. So, I don’t know how Jim Comey is responsible for any of this.”

The reason for Hillary Clinton’s troubles regarding her emails are the activities she did and ordered her team. No one is always to blame for her political and legal woes as they exist now.

Greed for power and control led an unauthorized and illegal server to be create by Hilary Clinton. She wanted to cover up nefarious and unethical activities her team, her husband, and she took to enrich themselves on the American people’s dime. Clinton made her bed to lie in.

“The time, again, isn’t Jim Comey’s fault,” Gowdy concluded. It is just not his fault this is coming up a week or so before the election. That is Secretary Clinton’s fault Indeed, the reason this can be even a topic of interest at all rests squarely on Hillary Clinton’s shoulders—shoulders padded by arrogance, hubris, and a false air of invincibility.

Her prosecution would have to browse through a justice system that’s peppered with Clinton operatives set to guard her.

But we can sentence her to a lifetime away from public office, and we can do this 2016 , on November 8th.


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