TREASON! Now We Know The REAL Reason Lt. Gen. Flynn Was Forced Out

11 месяцев ago
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When President Trump was sworn in, I was optimistic for the future of this nation. Now, I’m worried this plot will endanger our new administration and all Americans as a result.

Is President Donald Trump being targeted in a desperate and treasonous coup attempt? The intelligence community could not have legally spied on Michael Flynn without first garnering FISA warrants… which must have been authorized by Obama himself. 

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer stated during an interview this week that the Obama administration was to blame for the spying on Michael Flynn and the emerging scandal, via Independent Journal Review.

“I lay this at the feet of John Brennan and Jim Clapper, and I would even go so far as to say that the White House was directly involved before they left in the form of Ben Rhodes and those folks,” Shaffer said.

General Flynn was an outspoken opponent to Obama’s Iran deal. His views on the deal negotiating from a position of weakness likely made him the target of intelligence agency heads.

Obama, via his pal, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, had the power to spy on Flynn’s conversations if a carefully worded FISA surveillance warrant was issued. They had no real proof of any wrongdoing to monitor Flynn.

Payback is not just cause for a warrant. The entire world knew Flynn was going to have a top shelf placement in the Trump administration, and this fact was obviously not lost on Obama and the Justice Department.

Barack Obama was still the president of the United States when the intelligence community spied on a fellow American — for no apparent reason. Was this just the beginning of the shadow government Barack Obama was setting up to run from only a few blocks away from the Oval Office after he was kicked out of the White House?

“Let’s be clear on this. I’d watch this very carefully, the coverage. When you have NBC reporting that they’ve talked to six officials who have seen the transcript, someone is basically giving away both the methods — the fact that they read a communication that was intercepted by sensitive methods, and more importantly, that they’re saying that they saw this information which was beyond ‘Top Secret’.”

The makings of quite a conspiracy against the incoming Donald Trump administration are beginning to materialize. They couldn’t stop him at the ballot box, so Obama and his liberal ilk, including those in the media, appear to have resorted to Plan B!

It appears the backup plan to a Hillary Clinton win was already in its infancy BEFORE Trump took the oath of office! Usurping the will of the American people, who spoke loud and clear in a free and fair election, is not only disgusting, but it is a crime of the highest order… treason!

Barack Obama cannot be allowed to run a rogue shadow government from his rental mansion a few blocks from the White House. This country is supposed to be run by the people, not career politicians in Washington. We voted, Trump won, and he has earned the chance to govern America!

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