Top Dems Caught Admitting THIS About Hillary, It’s ALL On Tape! (Video)

1 год ago
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The career politician is fighting to keep staunch Democrats moved about her candidacy with only eight days to go before Election Day.

Pollster Celinda Lake expressed concern for losing independent girls going into independent guys going to a third party candidate this election and the “open” group.

Lake told the “sure messengers” in the room to not lie to voters about Wall Street loopholes or union pensions. But, she ticked off a litany of issues where lying to We the Folks was seemingly not only okay, but supported.

What issues were Democrat campaign staffers? Firearms – when giving directions on the best way to lie to the voters that was the first word out of Celinda Lake’s mouth. Before she could go any further, another person at the table ”

“Hillary is having a really tough time ” Celinda Lake said. She additionally noted Democrats in down vote races are struggling over voters with the exact same set, despite the fact that the DNC is pouring lots of money.

“we’re in trouble,” she included. In accordance with Celinda Lake, 2016 is the very first time since polling data was a part of a presidential election, that Republicans and Democrats weren’t at least in the surveys on those two crucial issues.

Since the primary was won by the outsider Republican Democrats are worried about the “secret white man” vote for Donald Trump, the Washington Examiner reports. Celinda Lake, profession political pollster, was among the first to express concerns that white male voters are not telling the truth what called asking who they were going to cast a vote for in the 2016 presidential election.

“I stress that there’s bit ” Celinda Lake, of a secret Trump vote, said. So it actually does indicate there is a secret vote for Donald Trump.”

The Democrat pollster said the white man, blue collar worker” vote that was “ is prime territory for Donald Trump.

She referred Trump assistants as “downscale” white Americans who feel threatened not only by the market but because they live near a “high concentration of people of color.” Lake additionally said, “Trump also can marshal some voters, some white downscale voters who additionally haven’t voted for awhile.”

Lake was a general advisor for Bill Clinton in 1992. She’s also worked with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, the ALF-CIO, and Planned Parenthood over time.


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