Tomi Lahren Exposes TRUTH About Muslim ‘Refugees,’ Every American Should See This! (Video)

1 год ago
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You have to admire the guts of this young lady! She tells the truth every time!

In Tomi Lahren’s latest segment on Muslim “refugees,” she said, “Most of these refugees, from the Middle East and North Africa happen to be military aged men that are incapable of fighting for their country but plenty capable of molesting and attacking Europeans.” 

Lahren points to Germany, Sweden, and other European countries which have been saddled with a huge influx of Muslim “refugees.” She accurately points out that many of these people bring violence, especially rape and robbery, into the country.

Indeed, the struggle of Europe is certainly something we could learn from in America. Taking in huge swathes of refugees, especially with our faulty vetting practices, would surely have the kind of negative results the Europeans have seen.

Many Liberals, both in Europe and in America, would prefer to deny these crimes are happening rather than reconsider our policies. They would prefer to make pleas for the good refugees and ignore that any others exist at all.

On this reaction, Lahren added, “Some refugees are good people and its a shame the rotten ones are destroying a second chances at life, liberty, and happiness.”

She’s right. For every violent immigrant, there are probably dozens of families of perfectly innocent refugees who would try to contribute to our society. But their violent counter-parts are making it difficult to bring them in.

It’s also difficult to tell them apart. We need to do a better job of vetting refugees before they can enter our country. The same goes for regular immigrants. We need to know who applies to live here to commit violence and who applies because they want to work hard for a better life.

“Doors have locks, citizens have guns, and countries have borders,” said Lahren. Yep, and ours need an upgrade! Democrats can’t take our guns away and now they won’t be able to stop proper enforcement of our borders!

Luckily, we have President-Elect Donald Trump, who is ready to overhaul our immigration policy… and build that beautiful wall!

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