‘The View’ Hosts Claim Trump Is Mentally ‘Unstable’, Instantly Get RUDE Wakeup Call (Video)

1 год ago
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The women on The View continue to throw their ratings into the toilet with their fear-mongering talk of a Trump presidency. All they talk about nowadays is the “evilness” of Donald Trump.

While the harpies were implying that Donald Trump has a mental illness or is “unstable,” the idea of checks and balances on presidential power was rightly pointed out by Jedediah Bila. 

What is it with liberals and hating on people who don’t agree with them? And using offensive language to do so?

Apparently, people who suffer from mental illness are funny to these liberal women. When they falsely claimed that Trump was mentally ill, they laughed as if people who have disorders deserve to be humiliated on public television.

And this is not the first time Joy Behar has said something offensive. During the election, Behar called the women who claim to have been raped by Bill Clinton “tramps,” later apologizing for saying such a horrendous thing about women who have suffered sexual abuse.

Jedediah Bila was the only one of them to make reasonable arguments, talking about the checks and balances that keep things in order and prevent presidents from running this country altogether.

She said we need to have hope in Donald Trump’s presidency, and we do. The liberals need to stop waiting for him to mess up and actually make an effort to move this country forward. The path is with Donald Trump, not against him.

The American people elected him, and that should be respected. No person should be making fun of him, mentally ill people, or women who have faced sexual assault. It’s really not surprising The View‘s ratings are dropping—they’ve insulted so many people!

No one watches this show for political commentary, and frankly, these ladies need to stay in their lane. All they do is anger the American people and make fun of those who are suffering in America, but that’s a typical liberal for you.

It is clear that The View only represents the views of liberals and not the rest of the American people, with the exception of Bila, and the producers should seek a varied range of people whose views differ from the person next to them. That’s just basic television—there needs to be different “views” floating around for it to be interesting.

These women just gripe and complain about how hard their lives are despite the fact that they get paid millions to whine on national television. This is liberal entertainment, folks, and it is pathetically boring.

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