The Media’s Top 10 Most HUMILIATING Moments of 2016 Revealed, Trump Fans LOVE It

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This year, the mainstream media really went above and beyond to make fools of themselves.

A hilarious new montage discusses a top 10 list of the media’s most embarrassing moments. When you splice all the stupid things they said this year together, it is almost more embarrassing than funny.

Number 10: White people ruined America. Samantha Bee from TBS blamed white people for ruining America after Trump prevailed over Hillary Clinton. You know Samantha Bee, racism goes both ways and blaming Clinton’s loss on an entire race is one of the most despicable things I’ve ever heard. Her poor ratings indicate that many agree with me!

Number 9: Lester tossing Clinton softballs. Remember Lester’s Interview with Hillary Clinton where every single question was so easy it was as if Hillary wrote the questions herself? Sadly, this should not shock you. The mainstream media clearly supported Hillary Clinton in the election and gave her these type of softball questions anytime they spoke with her. It should’ve been no surprise that the DNC emails showed us that Clinton got the debate questions ahead of time from CNN.

Number 8: Canonizing Castro. The media showed some absurd bias when they praised Fidel Castro after he died. They said he fought for education and the rights of minorities. In actuality, Castro was a brutal murder and dictator who suppressed the will of his people for many years. The only thing Americans should be celebrating about him is his death.

Number 7: Andrea Mitchell goes gaga at Clinton rally. Andrea Mitchell freaked out at a Hillary Clinton rally like it was the most exciting thing that she had ever seen. We know that Clinton had not even close to the amount of supporters at her rallies than Trump did at his. Yet, the media never talked about how huge Trump’s rallies were. Trump had to ask the cameramen at his rallies to turn the cameras around and pan the massive crowds.

Number 6: On PBS David Corn says Ted Cruz is satanic. This was quite a strange moment because Ted Cruz is a self-proclaimed and dedicated Christian. Plus, his father was a pastor. This was obviously an attempt by Corn to literally demonize a conservative without any evidence to back their claim up.

Number 5: Blaming Orlando on everything except Islamic Terrorism. After the terror attack in Orlando, Florida, the media refused to talk about Islamic terrorism. Somehow they argued for gun control, instead. This is just another example of the left trying to politicize a tragedy so they can promote their big government agenda to take gun rights away from lawful American Citizens.

Number 4: Flint = Fugitive Slave Act? On MSNBC, Melissa Perry said that Flint, Michigan was going to be Obama’s Fugitive Slave Act, because immigrants would not accept clean water aid for fear of being deported. Obama does not even enforce our immigration law as it stands! I think someone had some mimosas for lunch.

Number 3: Alligator mind reading. This is very odd. When an alligator took a toddler from a Disney World resort, Brooke Baldwin called in a local animal expert to ask him what was on the alligator’s mind. Were they really that desperate for content? I think I know what the alligator was thinking: “I’m hungry.”

Number 2: Media goes bananas for Congressmen sitting on the floor. After the Orlando shooting, Democrat Members of Congress put on a “sit-in” on the floor of Congress. The media gave it round the clock coverage like it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen. You know what would have actually impressed me? If they had passed legislation to fight radical Islamic terrorism!

Number 1: Hillary will win in a landslide. The media was so sure Clinton would win in a landslide. Every poll reported that Clinton was a shoe-in. They struggled to justify their position all night, until, finally, they couldn’t believe their own bias any longer. When they announced Trump the winner I was buckled over in laughter!

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