The Catholic Bishop of Pennsylvania urges vote for Trump, who will protect traditional marriage and family

1 год ago
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Bishop Grinsburgsky (PA) Edward Malezhik before the presidential elections in the United States called on their flock to vote for the candidate who promises to ensure the right to life, including unborn Americans, and is intended to protect traditional marriage and family.

In his pastoral letter the prelate acknowledged the imperfection of the two candidates and their platforms, which remain far removed from the true beliefs of Catholics. Nevertheless, the bishop urged his flock to pay attention to the differences in the two candidates’ programs in relation to traditional values.

“The right to life is recognized as fundamental laws of our nation as inalienable and given to us by our Creator. The right to life is the most important and fundamental right, because life is an integral prerequisite for the enjoyment of any other rights.

Without this basic right to life of all other rights can not be implemented. Putting into question the fundamental right to life, we relax the rest of the law “, – said the Bishop in his message, referring to the election program of State Hillary Clinton, who advocate for euthanasia and abortion at any stage of pregnancy.” We must support the politicians to protect traditional marriage and family , “- he concluded the prelate.

According to the portal National Catholic Register, Catholics can make a significant contribution to a vote in the United States, despite its relatively few. According to experts, the key to this election will be states such as Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and Ohio, and in those states live large Catholic populations.

Portal refers to a recent survey conducted among US Catholics, according to which Donald Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton by 16 points.


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