The Apprentice (U.S. season 1)

2 года ago
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It’s now on DVD. It features 16 nominees.
It was the hottest new show of 2004.
Trump delegated the teams a job each week. Each team picked a “project manager” to direct them in the week’s designated job. The winning team received a benefit, so that you can decide which team member would be fired while the losing team confronted two of his associates and a boardroom confrontation with Trump.
Removal moved in two phases. In the first phase, Trump faced the losing team and required the project manager of the week to choose two additional team members that the project manager considered were responsible for the loss.
The season began with eight girls, eight men and 16 contestants from around America. Each had not been unsuccessful in various ventures, including sales, restaurant management, political consulting, and property. The contestants lived in a suite at Trump Tower in Manhattan, situated on the fourth floor. Removal took the kind of one contestant being “fired” by Trump at the finish of each week’s episode. Three months filming the whole season took.
The contestants were initially split into two “corporations” by sex. The guys selected to name their business “Versacorp”, and the girls decided to name their business “Protégé Corporation”.
Trump is currently famous for his catchphrase “You Are fired!”, and he sought to trademark the phrase in 2004.



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