The Apprentice season 1, episode 7 “Dupe-lex”

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Job: The teams rent out flats and re-establish.
Trump Monologue God Is In The Details Trump considers that customers examine the detail a little defect for example selling whereas it’d just cost $10 an unwashed used car can set you back a loss for $200 to get it washed.
Project manager that is Protégé: Troy
Winning team: Protégé
Protégé Corporation eventually won after leasing their flat with a rent increase that was 27%.
Tension: Troy was criticized by Katrina, accusing him and having an unethical character after the job result was declared. The others and Trump supposed this to be a hilarious off the cuff comment, but in the boardroom that was first Tammy said that she meant what she said, and accused of being a lousy negotiator Katrina, and unable to manage herself in the world of business.
Benefit: A trip to the mansion of Donald Trump for a picnic in Bedford.
Losing team: Versacorp
Versacorp just increased 10. Katrina determined having Bill doing the discussions of the cost in the flat, but he failed to negotiate a higher or better cost of the flat.
Sent to boardroom: Tammy, Bill, and Katrina



Firing verdict: While Trump firmly criticized Bill’s failure to negotiate a much better price, he finally decided he cannot hold Bill in charge of the loss given that one prospective customer was just brought in by Katrina. Trump believed that with no doubt Katrina was the most to blame for the failure of the team, for her complete dearth of direction and numerous questionable verdicts through the job. Yet, he also believed that she’d presented possible on the preceding jobs, which Tammy’s disloyal comments and much feebler history compared to other two outweighed the errors of Katrina, leading to the firing of Tammy.
Heidi finds out her mom has colon cancer. Trump says she can leave the game if she desires to be with her mother, but she says she needs to stay and compete.
Amy, who was initially reshuffled onto Versacorp, is chosen to return to Protégé Corporation due to the first 6 vs. 4 shortfall.
Kwame and Troy are eventually on a team that is winning.
After the job started in the construction building Omarosa inadvertently got hit.

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