The Apprentice season 1, episode 2 “Lies and Elevation”

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The Apprentice season 1, episode 2 Amy
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Job patron:
Monologue: Tend Not To Deal With Underlings –
Project manager that is Protégé: Amy
Winning team: Protégé
Ereka and Amy met with the folks of Marquis Jet and learned that nothing was off limits for his or her advertising. This led headlining their effort with significant sexual undertones, while depicting parts of the aircraft in white and black arty pictures. While wearing gaudy flight attendant ensembles the girls also pitched their advertising.
Benefit: A trip in dinner and a private jet at a fancy restaurant.
Losing team: Versacorp
Due to the determination to not speak to the customer of Jason, the guys selected to create a standard effort, complete with passengers designed to exemplify the utility and convenience of the service and pictures of the cockpit. While the Marquis Jet executives and Donny Deutsch believed the effort was usually carried out competently, they discounted it as being totally unoriginal.


Amy and her husband 2008

Dramatic anxiety: His team members farther aggravate and is excoriated for taking a rest on the ground during the job.
Sent to boardroom: Nick, Sam, and Jason
Fired: Jason Curis – for not meeting with the customer from the beginning of the job, which directed the team. Additionally, he brought Nick back apparently for no reason, and then was unable to protect himself when Sam and Nick ganged up on him.
Episode recap
While several of his teammates did Jason failed to see the purpose of assembly the customer for his or her effort, and Trump himself was aghast that Jason failed to meet with the owner of firm at the start and thus learn that Deutsch and the executives needed a more flashy effort.

Amy's husband,children

Amy’s husband,children

The wages of the girls became shortlived from a heat of pressure that Ereka was instigated with by Omarosa. After the season ended Omarosa attempted to suggest that Ereka and another nominee had used even more powerful racist abuses off-camera, but Trump and Mark Burnett both denied this, including that had Ereka or any nominee used racist language, they might have been promptly taken off the show.
20.2 million people saw this episode’s first airing.


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