The Apprentice season 1, episode 1 “Meet the Billionaire”

2 года ago
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Monologue: Place, Location, Place – The place is depended on by any merchandise sales, it must achieve the appropriate target demographic.
Project manager that is Protégé: Ereka
Winning team: Protégé
The girls won 1 allowance of gains.
Losing team: Versacorp
Versacorp priced their lemonade low, and picked a poor place, by a fish market. It was way too late to have any expectation of regaining the job, while they finally found a much better place. Additionally, Sam and David proved to be exceptionally poor salesmen, selling less than $10 between them.

Troy, his wife and sister

Troy, his wife and sister

Dramatic anxiety: Versacorp member Sam starts to get on the nerves of the other by his wild antics, including fruitlessly attempting to sell just one glass of lemonade
Sent to boardroom: David, Sam, and Troy
Fired: David Gould – for disclosing that sales had not been his forte, and selling the least on the team. Trump believed they had showed some initiative, while David had been quite passive and presented no abilities that would be of any use despite criticising the direction choices of Troy along with Sam’s odd behaviour.

Episode recap
The continued airing of the episode was cut to 60 minutes, though initially 90 minutes long.
18.5 million people saw this episode’s first airing, meeting NBC’s anticipations for the much-anticipated premier. The truth is, the show premier came in 7th position for the week it aired.

Trump has already been sitting in his seat, when Versacorp enters the boardroom. Where Trump arrives before the nominees in the boardroom this can be the Apprentice episode.


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