The anti-Christian themes and initiatives in Hollywood

1 год ago
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Since at least the 1970s, a large proportion of Hollywood movies dealing with Christians and they have been shown by their beliefs in a negative light that is severely. Cases of movies that feature such characters are legion.

Notably, propose or filmmakers usually have unkind to say about the leftist denominations – Unitarian, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, etc. of Christianity Instead, their ridicule is directed just at evangelicals, whose conservative principles are at odds with those of the Hollywood left and conventional Catholics. Columnist Don Feder has identified a few of these important points of disagreement:

Hollywood’s “live-for the moment” ethos simply rejects the Christian emphasis on living not for immediate gratification but instead with the eye to perpetuity. The emphasis of Hollywood on continuous self indulgence is antithetical to the Christian teaching that the life of one isn’t one’s own but rather belongs to the Creator.
Hollywood’s “gender-sameness” dogma, which maintains that women and men are emotionally identical and that gender roles are socially inflicted, lies at the center of leftism’s drive to radically remake the so called “patriarchal” and “male dominated” family that conventional Christianity embraces.
The Hollywood left realizes that conservative Christians – whose evangelical groups make up the greatest identifiable voting bloc – of America signify an important impediment to the understanding of its social and political programs. Neutralize and to delegitimize the political pull of these Christians, they have been cast by the entertainment industry in the most negative light possible — if it were practiced elsewhere in our societal life a spiritual bigotry that would be condemned.



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