Sultry White House Vixen EXPOSED as Source of Anti-Trump Leaks. What Should Happen?

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The liberal media have been attacking Trump since he was elected, and an unknown White House leaker has made it easier for them to do so. Now, we know who it is!

According to a report by Got News, Katie Walsh, Chief of Staff of the RNC, is allegedly the culprit behind all the information being leaked to the mainstream media. 

Walsh, according to the reports, was identified by “multiple sources in the White House, media, donor community, and pro-Trump 501(c)4 political group.”

Walsh is reportedly the girlfriend of Reince Priebus, the chief of staff for Trump’s administration, which is one way she could have access to so much of the information coming from the administration.

“Everyone knows not to talk to her in the White House unless you want to see it in the press,” stated an unnamed source with close ties to President Trump. “The only question is whether or not she’s doing it at the behest of [White House Chief of Staff] Reince Priebus or if she’s doing it to advance herself in DC media circles.”

According to the report, Walsh has been given information that has been seen in stories for Politico and The Washington Post. She also has ties to Maggie Habberman, who is a reporter for The New York Times. Habberman has been involved in quite a few scandals herself, having been mentioned in the WikiLeaks leaks of John Podesta’s emails.

Some evidence points to the idea that Walsh may have a motive for trying to undermine Trump’s presidency. Since the very beginning, she identified as a #NeverTrump Republican and refused to support the Republican throughout his whole campaign. Of course, so did many others.
Walsh hails from St. Louis, and many of her family members are also reportedly against Trump. According to Got News founder Charles Johnson, this information is “100 percent reliable,” but he is not revealing any of his White House sources.

President Trump, as always, is already handling the situation. According to Got Media‘s undisclosed source, Trump and his administration knew this and were giving her false information so they could locate her network. They claim the witch hunt is successful thus far.

President Trump would, of course, be on top of the situation. Just because he’s not a career politician doesn’t mean he was born yesterday. Trump was elected for a reason, and no person should be trying to threaten that.

This is definitely a story we want to keep up on to see if turns out to be true or of it ends up being more fake news the media is planting to cause problems for the Trump administration.

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