Soros Launches ‘Putin-Trump’ Fake Conspiracy Website

1 год ago
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George Soros has created a brand new web site that markets New World Order propaganda and efforts to smear Putin and Trump.

Infamous globalist billionaire George Soros continues to be exposed as bankroller and the mastermind of a web site Wednesday found that markets efforts and New World Order propaganda to smear Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

The Soros site features outrageous conspiracy theories designed to instil fear in the voting people. This latest effort by the NWO organization to mislead Americans features claims that “national security problems are at risk, and a vote for Trump/Cent this year will result in a Putin/Trump world in 2017.“

That is drum up anxiety, their latest hack job, designed to deceive, and dress the American people for the thought of war.


In accordance with GotNews, the Soros-financed an internal memo was sent out by PR company Ripple Strategies from cofounder Glenn Turner Tuesday declaring at hand start is ’sed by the propaganda website. The memo described as a website “that rigorously details and examines the affecting, unprecedented ties between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.”

Much more upsetting for others, nevertheless, should function as unprecedented lengths to which their organization allies and the Western globalists will go prop up an ailing and to torpedo Trump’s effort Hillary Clinton.

The web site shows the Washington institution are dressing the people for war, and is alarmist. The site features sickle and the hammer conspicuously — a touch that is hypocritical contemplating just four years past senior Democrats were mocking Republicans for failing to understand the Cold War is over.

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Source: GotNews


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