Secret Service Reveals Hillary Was DRUNK Morning of Rally, And There’s Video PROOF!

1 год ago
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With only seven days until the Voice of America, Clinton’s handlers have to work overtime trying to divert attention from all the emerging rumors, the FBI activity and sliding poll numbers.

Secret Service agent attached to details of security of State Hillary Clinton on the morning of New – Jersey rally reportedly campaign, Clinton said, is not only drinking vodka but was “obviously intoxicated” According to the comments of unidentified officers to the true Pandit, it was not the first time. when Hillary was tilting the glass while on the campaign trail.

“She was hitting it [alcohol] early,” the officer, who was part of the secret service security detail Hillary said. “It’s happened before, but not that early in the day.”

The campaign to stop the New Jersey law enforcement officer was referring to was held in Newark. It was another in a long line of high-quality cases for liberal elites.

meeting itself was held at Rutgers University. Democrat Senator Cory Booker and Jon Bon Jovi also spent some time on the stage – publicly endorsed Clinton.

Jon Bon Jovi and Hillary back. 80s singer also puzzled for Bill Clinton and was a guest on the activities of the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton reportedly arrived in Newark to raise funds for the First of June. She and Huma Abedin were huddled together in a special van Hillary and herded into the arena to meet with Cory Booker.
According to statements by members of the secret service, Hillary seemed to be very good in the bag before going on stage. The source said it loudly and video of her strange behavior was accidentally captured on a mobile phone Booker “animated.” – That was common to Twitter, and then went viral.

Drink before taking to the stage, or head out to mingle with the masses supposedly habit Clinton. The same source said Hillary in law enforcement often threw a few drinks before attending a fundraiser, speaking at a campaign rally, and even before making a television appearance.

Was Hillary Clinton drank during the debate? From the drink may explain her many odd mannerisms and facial expressions while on the podium.


Source: Angrypatriot

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