Right After Sabotaging Clinton Email Investigation, Loretta Lynch Did Something SICK to America

1 год ago
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Let me just start by sayin that Hillary Clinton and her band of evil doers are not just bad, they are down right DISGUSTING…

I’ll explain myself. So earlier today we learned that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was sent in to tell the FBI not to tell the public that Hillary Clinton was under investigation for her emails again.

Luckily, James Comey basically told her to screw off before marching out and telling the world that the FBI was after Hillary.

Right after that, however, Loretta Lynch was brought before Congress to explain why she okayed $1.7 Billion Dollars CASH of taxpayer money to be paid to Iran for a BAD deal.

Trey Gowdy and Marco Rubio were leading the charge, and boy did they have some questions for her. These were straightforward questions about the legitimacy of the Iran Nuclear deal.

And what did Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States do?


That’s right. She took the Fifth Amendment, which allows you to avoid answering questions that may incriminate you.

Well, Loretta, if you weren’t doing anything wrong or illegal you wouldn’t NEED to plead the 5th, would you?

We gotta share this out and expose Hillary Clinton’s best friend for the lying weasel that she really is. America deserves better!

H/T: Liberty Writers  News


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