Revolt in Deep state: Clinton Iniquity will no longer cover

1 год ago
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Obviously, the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton losing the last chance to win the presidential race. Now, the headlines in the spirit of “Hillary leads” were replaced by “scandals Hillary” and even “whether Clinton can buy elections in 2016?”.
According to a recent poll conducted by TV channel ABC, with the support of the American newspaper The Washington Post, 60% of respondents negatively assessed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. It is important to note that 49% of them estimated the ex-Secretary of State, “very unfavorable.”
The main culprit for the fall rating of Clinton became the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In just 11 days before the election, the head of the FBI James Comey still had the courage to start investigating Clinton’s case, which Republican Donald Trump called “the biggest political scandal since the days of Watergate.”

And while many Democrats controlled media try to hush up “mail scandal”, obviously hit by ratings-Democrat candidate. At the same time, it seems the secret service is not going to stop. A few days after the Komi allegations, the FBI published materials in the case of Bill Clinton 15 years ago.

The former president and husband of Hillary, according to the FBI illegally pardoned financier and sponsor of the Democratic Party of Marc Rich Experts and the media are scratching their heads: what prompted the head of James Komi authorities, who carefully gloss over the crimes Clinton on the eve of the race, suddenly indignant to meet the FBI and the ordinary people? Maybe this is a harbinger of the rebellion of the American Deep state?

What is Deep state?

Citizens are accustomed to observe only the obvious – that Trump and Bill Clinton seized on the televised debates, that the mayor of New York has made a certain statement, but Obama announced the winner of the Nobel Prize. People think that this is real politics. But in fact, party leaders remain within the same establishment. Their ideas differ in detail, but they are willing to base, especially on foreign affairs, war and peace.


However, even the TV series “House of Cards” harsh behind the scenes of the White House does not convey the complex political structure of the United States. There is a public authority, senators, congressmen, the president and his entourage, what to see. This public policy.

There are representatives of the political elite, party bosses, functionaries of the Democratic and Republican parties. This party nomenclature.
There are influential circles lobbying circles, working with policy makers, expert and ideological pressure groups, such as the neocons.

There are financial elite that exist by themselves, but are willing to actively promote their own interests. For example, Clinton – a product that they are actively promoting (though after scandals surfaced rather unsuccessfully). All of these “cream of society” called the English-language term “establishment”.
However, in this film lacks the most important element. “State machine”, the military and state bureaucracy made up of real people who go to the civil service, and even more in power or diplomatic structure with a definite patriotic motivation.

Over the years, the state, they learn to appreciate it as the most important value, regardless of the color of politics come to the White House, or stand on the head of their department. Recall the last time the head of the Pentagon was a military and State Department diplomat -kadrovy? These positions tend to get the policy, rather than representatives of the state bureaucracy.
In the American political journalism for this gosudastvotsentrichnoy, neidelogichnoy bureaucratic structure, the core of the state machine, there is a special term Deep state, “deep state”. They are members of the power structure, which, as a rule, do not appear on television, but that is “flesh” of the state. The purpose of Representatives Deep state – save the state and follow the national interests. In this regard, in critical circumstances, representatives of the “deep state” capable of acting contrary to the rules of law to prevent the United States defeat.


Deep state begins within government departments, but is closely related to other groups within the administrative, military, economic, intellectual, religious elite, guided by realism and protect national interests.

From Deep state concept does not mean that it is something monolithic. On the contrary, within the possible differences, including on political issues. Various power and bureaucratic structures on different assessments of the country’s national interests, have a different background and tradition, attracting people of different psychological types, and professional culture affects different ideological orientation.
A classic example – described by Seymour Hersh and a number of other authors conflict between the Pentagon, and in particular military intelligence and civil Obama administration and the CIA about the cooperation with Russia in the conflict in Syria. While military were willing to share information and coordinate with their Russian and even Syrian (sic!) Colleagues to oppose displacement of Bashar al-Assad, the CIA heavily armed “moderate opposition”, which quickly turned into a radical. The former head of military intelligence, US Lieutenant General Michael Flynn later became a key adviser to Donald Trump’s foreign policy.
88 high-ranking military retirees joined Flynn, openly supporting Trump, whose position with respect to the anti-terrorist alliance with Russia is well known. But the apparatus of the State Department actually more bloodthirsty. In the summer of 2016 it was reported that 51 staff members of the American foreign minister signed an internal memo calling for management to begin a war against Assad. And this is also an example of pressure on the political elite from the Deep state.


FBI and Clinton: First rebellion Deep state

Thus, the establishment, the elite and the Deep state may overlap on some issues, but they have different objectives. We can not ignore Deep state, but such a phenomenon exists.
Moreover, the Clinton scandal and the FBI shows that in the “deep state” there was an internal contradiction. Part of the American security services, which, in contrast to cosmopolitan CIA are “deep America”, resisted the ravages of establishment and does not want to turn a blind eye to the Clinton crime.

In the Deep state we realized that to allow the patient and easily manipulated woman for president – a direct step to the loss of sovereignty of the country, and it’s time to support a candidate who advocates national interests – Donald Trump.
According to information leaked to the American press, on the lower level, among the FBI employees have accumulated serious discontent. Another would be: Clinton harboring their de facto head of the department ruined reputation and undermined the credibility of policymakers. In protest, many agents even filed his resignation as an institution steeped incurable corruption. In fact, this is the first serious revolt responsible for the fate of the state of the Deep state.

The fact that public officials and politicians come and go, but real power remains. That Deep state is responsible for the country’s future. And if they allow that will come to power and criminal Clinton will begin a demonic laughter bomb the Middle East and the United States to increase the national debt, the responsibility will fall on the core of the bureaucracy.
The head of the FBI feared

Another version (and most likely, simply complements the first): James Comey simply feared for their future. It became clear that the secret is still becoming clear, and always hide Clinton crime becomes impossible. At some day start a frank rebellion in the system or the forces of ordinary citizens. A likely simultaneously.
Guided by personal well-being and health, Komi was more efficient to lease Clinton than to go with her court-martialed.
Anyway Washington corruption and liberal saboteurs thrown a serious challenge – in the face of Deep state, Donald Trump and the American people.
The first swallow “Second American Revolution”

In fact, it is the first time that one of the most senior representatives of the authorities, “deserted” in the face of the establishment and elites. According to experts, illegitimate elections in the US with Clinton secretion may be the first step towards a “second American Revolution.”
Now the official establishment is afraid more than ever that he will lose his former position of power. When you are rebelling against their own subordinates, scroll through criminal schemes become more difficult. The procedure of the election of Clinton planned to spend the traditional opaque way, but on the side of the Trump were not just ordinary Americans, and this complicates the game.

The more outspoken discontent election fraud may well lead to a real disorder in the United States. Thus, still the opportunity to spend a “second American Revolution” peacefully – in the election. Either she held herself with a serious riot. “Second American Revolution” will end one way or another, but it’s just a matter of which of the two of them eventually wins: either it will be for Trump, where people are winning establishment, either by Hillary, where the establishment has won the people. ”



Photo by: Sofia Metelkina

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