Rand Paul Tells Every American Why They Should Vote Trump, It’s Going MASSIVELY Viral

1 год ago
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Dr. Rand Paul, speaking at a rotary club in his home state of Kentucky, told all Americans that they need to keep Hillary Clinton out of office.

Paul is someone who has been critical of Donald Trump but explained to Americans that voting for Johnson or another third party candidate may, when looking “practically” at the issue, serve to allow Clinton to win.

He went on to explain that Hillary Clinton and her husband have been running a pay-to-play operation in the State Department, receiving speaking fees from Russia and Iran while the State Department was considering approving deals with those countries, in a second video linked at Ending the Fed.

Dr. Paul, eye surgeon and son of the popular former congressman Ron Paul, told supporters that he has had many disagreements with the Republican Presidential nominee.

However, he, like all the other former candidates in the Republican Primary, signed a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee. He wants to keep his word, “I’ve often supported Republican nominees who I wasn’t particularly fond of… but we support who we agree with the most.”

Despite this pledge, the call of all Republicans to support their candidate, many Republicans have been displaying disloyalty to the Party and backing away from Trump.

Dr. Paul made it clear to supporters that when you take a close look at both candidates, Donald Trump is the clear winner. It is time for Republicans to look past their slight differences with Trump and not only vote for him as President but to declare publicly that he has their support.

Sure, he has said some unpleasant things in the past, but what American hasn’t? I mean, the Democrats nominated someone who was taking speaking fees to help the Russians corner the world Uranium market, as Rand Paul rightfully points out.

“They ought to be in jail for those things,” Dr. Paul said. Yet both Hillary and Bill have made a career on using the Presidency and the State Department as a means to make money while America suffers.

Now, there is a chance these two corrupt individuals will be in the White House again. It is time for Republicans to rally around their candidate and prevent that from happening.

If not, Dr. Paul tells us that it is time for us to hide the silverware in the White House, because the Clintons may even have that for sale. It’s disgusting how intent they are on making money and serving their selfish interests.

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