Putin Humiliates Reporter on Live TV in Viral Clip (Video)

1 год ago
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Countries from around the world give Russia a hard time, unable to forget the time when the country was the USSR and ruled by Communism. However, that time is long gone, and people need to remember that.

In this video, Putin crushes a reporter, who had basically called him and his country “aggressors.” He gives several examples proving Russia is not the aggressor.

This reporter wanted Putin to make promises to the West that he won’t start a new Cold War and that the issues with Crimea and Ukraine will be resolved, but Putin had a perfect answer.

He pointed out the only way Russia has added to the tensions in the world today is by furthering its own interests above that of other countries, which is what any country does or should do.

Russia is not attacking or invading anyone, period, but people in the West often don’t believe that, and that’s where most of the disdain and fear comes from.

A great example involves people like Hillary Clinton, who swore up and down that Russia had hacked into her email server even though numerous reports claimed this was not true, but Russia was just a convenient scapegoat for Clinton.

Putin hit on the point of Russia’s aviation, something feared by many in the West, but it was in the 90s that Russia’s aviation was halted completely in the “further afield regions of control.” However, U.S. forces, with nuclear capabilities, swarmed around Russia.

Russia had halted its aviation, yet we were still threatening them for no reason at all. Russia was not the aggressor in that situation. It was only until three years ago, since the making of the video, that Russia had even started up the aviation patrol once again.

He also talked about the military bases abroad, which is a total of two bases. One is in Tajikistan and one is in Kyrgyzstan, countries that share borders with Afghanistan. And they are there because they asked to be there because of the known terrorist threat.

The United States, on the other hand, has bases in numerous countries—in the Middle East, in Europe, in Asia—and Putin is questioning why the U.S. must be in this many countries, but Russia is still seen as the big, bad aggressor over everyone else.

We also spend a vast amount more on our military than Russia does. It’s time to stop the hate and taboo that is associated with Russia when the country should be our ally. Despite the unfair treatment afflicted onto this vast country, it still seeks relations with the U.S.

Russia want an ally that will let it focus on its own interests while aiding other countries, and that’s the same view Donald Trump has. Trump knows our country should come first for our president, and that Russia should come first and foremost to Vladimir Putin.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected, the partnership with Russia would have flown right out the window. Donald Trump is not afraid to ally with Russia—it is not the USSR anymore and the stigma needs to end. With this nation, we could destroy terrorist organizations like ISIS once and for all. Russia is not the aggressor here and needs to stop being treated as such.

Originally appeared at: Angrypatriotmovement


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