Proof Finally Revealed, POLLS ARE RIGGED. Trump Was Right. (Video)

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As promised, James O’Keefe has released 119 hours of raw footage from behind the scenes at CNN. One of the first revelations from the tapes proves Trump right.

This audio was collected by Miss X, a pseudonym to protect her identity, who approaches her supervisors at CNN about using outdated poll information. While everyone seems to know it’s wrong, Joe Sterling ultimately justifies misleading their audience by saying it won’t change anyone’s opinion. This audio also includes the voices of previous CNN employees Arthur Brice and Nicky Robertson.

On the undercover reporter’s website, there are now around 119 hours of raw footage and audio from an inside source from CNN, with 100 more hours that have yet to be released.

This audio was recorded in 2009 by the insider source and took place at the Atlanta CNN headquarters. Clearly, the mainstream media have been rigging the polls since then if not longer.

James O’Keefe, who leads Project Veritas, a group responsible for undercover reporting and revelations of the corrupt left, has taken to Twitter several times to get people to help him and his cause to expose the left and the mainstream media.

Donald Trump supports them, allegedly saying that the Project Veritas leaks against CNN were “cool,” according to a tweet by O’Keefe.

The American people have always known the media were trying to sway us towards Hillary Clinton and away from Donald Trump and more generally towards leftist globalism and away from common sense. Time and again they have proven to be the puppets of Democrats.

We didn’t have any proof, though, just a solid belief that labeled us as “conspiracy theorists.” But the numbers didn’t add up — how could Trump win the election when Clinton was so supported and projected to win so heavily?

Project Veritas is here to give us the answers and the proof we needed to say that the media are manipulating the American people into thinking a certain way. It is also widely believed they were oversampling from certain demographics.

However, their attempt to mislead We the People didn’t give them the result they wanted. It just inflamed the American people all the more to vote against Clinton. We always perform the greatest under pressure, and we had the knowledge that the entire country could be handed over to a criminal to spur us on.

But it didn’t happen, thanks to hardworking people of our nation as well as watchdog and uncover groups like Project Veritas. Their mission is “investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.” That’s a goal every Trump supporter can get behind. Thank you, Project Veritas!

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