President Trump Just Revealed What He’s Doing On His First Full Day In Office… Liberals Are Furious

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Any quick survey of U.S. history will show a significant theme of Christianity woven throughout it. Newly sworn-in President Trump is continuing in the tradition.

The very first thing on Trump’s new calendar for day number two is a prayer service at the National Cathedral. In God we still trust, it appears. (via Newsmax)

Liberals are sick to their godless stomachs. Imagine the disappointment. For the last eight years, so much progress has been made to diminish the role of religion, and specifically Christianity, in America. Anyone who cherishes the Bible is considered delusional.

Trump’s inauguration day told us all what direction this country is headed, where he included a record number of faith leaders. Now his prayer service will include people of many faiths, largely from the Christian religion, including Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Mormon leaders. Also included are Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, and Bahá’í religious leaders. (via Christianity Today)

The effort to squash Christianity trickled down from President Obama himself. Many times, he spoke against Christians and those who loved the Bible. A threat to the religious rights of one faith is a threat to them all.

Liberals would love to pretend that they are inclusive– but Obama constantly maligned anyone of Christian faith. Though the religion has a special place in the founding of our nation, Liberals would love to cast it away.

Not so with Trump. It is officially okay to be a Christian again. No one need be ashamed of using their rights to religious freedom!

While President Trump has not been overly zealous in his personal faith, by his own admission, he appears to be turning over a new leaf with the dawning of a new responsibility. Kennedy turned to prayer during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. They say the office of the president drives you to your knees.

The tradition of starting the new presidential term with prayer goes all the way back to the beginning, as George Washington started his own second day with a prayer service. (via ABC News)

The National Cathedral itself speaks of the importance of religion in our nation. For more than a century, presidents have worshiped here and events of national proportion have been held here, such as funeral services for Eisenhower and Reagan, and prayer services following September 11th.

In his inaugural address yesterday, President Trump repeatedly spoke of God. More than once he quoted from the Bible and boldly proclaimed that God is the Creator. Wow, does our country need that!

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