Pigs Are Flying: MSNBC Calls Out Democrats for What We’ve Been Saying for Years….

1 год ago
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All of us understand that MSNBC isn’t the most conservative of networks. But lately MSNBC has had to cover a genuine problem.

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt said that Democrats must reply for the Obamacare premiums that were growing. It has been reported that premiums in the Obamacare exchanges will increase by 22 percent.

Barack Obama said the increase in premiums that were Obamacare isn’t his fault.

The President continued to transfer the blame when he said he doesn’t establish premiums. The President is attempting to convince the American people that when the AFFORDABLE Care Act isn’t affordable he’s not to blame?

They never consider that it’s up to them to ascertain how their strategy can be executed. Maybe consider reworking that strategy if your strategy could be executed to do the reverse of what you need it to do?

The American folks aren’t silly enough to fall for this particular line. They understand that Obama is, by the end of the day, responsible for the failures of his management. Nevertheless, that’s not going to help Americans cope with the enormous fiscal burden being put upon them.

Surprisingly, the President went to say this rise not affects everyone who has insurance through their companies. They would have been better off although they’ren’t effected by the rise!

Mr. President, there just needed to be more competition for health insurance, and this entire fiasco could have been prevented.

Hopefully we won’t be saying the exact same thing to some “Mrs. President” after November eighth, because she, also, has just false assurances and worn-out explanations.


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