Passionate Trump Fan Issues EMOTIONAL Plea For Donald Trump, It’s Going Viral

1 год ago
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A fervent Donald Trump supporter was shot making an emotional plea for the Republican nominee, and her video has gone viral. Tens of countless Americans in flyover state” that is “ feel just as this girl does—and seldom, if ever, get called by pollsters.

“It’s totally rigged,” said the unidentified woman, who appears to be a California resident. When asked about the state of the election, the emotion pours into her voice. “This is our county, we want to save our country.”

She also brings up problems of voter fraud in the presidential election—another problem that is strong. We understand that issues about Muslim refugees casting votes and an incredible number of illegal aliens is counting heavily on the thoughts of many Americans that are patriotic.

She ’s [Hillary Clinton] actually tainted. I don’t get why anyone would have another choice other than Donald Trump, the girl that was ” continued.

On the other hand, the claim that poor Americans and minorities would be excluded in the election procedure due to voter ID laws is just a silly reason the Democrats are using to prevent these easy but strong laws. Every state that proposed a voter photo ID law also contained a vow to supply a state ID card that was free to any citizen who cannot manage one or who failed to have one.

Americans must demonstrate a valid photo ID for an array of day-to-day although routine and regularly unimportant issues. The government apparently will not believe it’s discrimination to require a photo ID when employing staffers as this girl rightful points outside if not to just purchase a bottle of wine.

He doesn’t want us.

Hillary Clinton is focused on what’s finest for her—not the American people—as her activities during the Benghazi terror strike shown. She is not going to drain the swamp in Washington—she flourishes in the muddy water inhabited by leeches of varieties.


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