Obama Equates Putin To Saddam Hussein

1 год ago
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Donald Trump praised for being a powerful leader on RT’s ‘Politicking with Larry King’ Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Putin was yet likened by Obama doomed former leader President Saddam Hussein.

A brief video of Obama railing against Trump and Putin ’s budding love affair.

Obama quotation: When the interviewer asks [Trump] , would you support this man [Putin]?’ Trump says, ‘He’s a man that is powerful. Look, he’s got an 82 percent survey evaluation.’

A post was written by RT in reply. Some choice quotes in the post:

  • “I actually don’t comprehend why there must be some kind of connotation that anything Russian is automatically bad, but, sadly, you will find a lot of people in America who does equate anything Russian with being not good just like they’d equate anything to not be good. They don’t comprehend the world.

Continue to consider that Mr Putin is the bogeyman and everything he does and “There are lots of people that have not got from the Cold War mindset is poor, and anything which is done by other individuals is great,” he included.

  • “I assure you nobody said and came home You understand what, I’m because I heard now a juxtaposition between Putin and Saddam Hussein voting for Hilary! That



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