Obama Caught Trying to Affect Election! Merely Leaked Trump’s Classified

1 год ago
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Is illegally sharing information that is classified a demand becoming a high level Liberal? What President Barack Obama simply did isn’t biased, it might be an impeachable offense. Using the office of the presidency as a partisan weapon isn’t something the Founding Fathers seen of, or would have approved.

The classified information leak by Obama was used to assault the Republican presidential nominee via a Time magazine article.

The Time article was entitled, “How Russia Needs to Sabotage the U.S. Election.”

The briefing allegedly said intelligence officials in America will not be certain if Russia was behind the humiliating e-mail leaks from your DNC – but have “high assurance” the former Cold War foe would be to attribute.

The leaked info to Time about Trump led them to challenge the Republican on the issue.

“I do not comment on information I receive in intelligence briefings, however, nobody knows with definitive certainty that this was in fact Russia,” Trump said in a written statement to TIME. “It may be, but it may also be China, another country or individual.”

Obama attempting to laugh at Donald Trump into commented on classified information in public?

The gotcha second Liberals were probably salivating over didn’t occur.

Had Trump perpetrated this type of crime, the Justice Department work difficult to bring him as they did to keep Hillary Clinton out of handcuffs and would have pounced on him.

Both Obama and the failing Liberal ragtime seemingly lost the hypocrisy of the present United States presidential government trying to do by leaking details just what they’re accusing Russia of.


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