New Hard-Hitting TV Ad OBLITERATES the ‘Queen of Corruption’ – It’s Going Viral

1 год ago
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It’s oft been said the best defense is a great offense. One Super PAC is eventually on the strike.

The super-PAC “America is Worth It has released a strong advertising that targets Hillary Clinton – the “Queen of her cohorts and Corruption” – . The video makes a strong claim.

The advertisement, which runs the full two minutes in length, is jam packed with callous indictments directed at the corruption of the left, which includes just run wild this political season. The accusations fly.

“Media managers are the video describes the mainstream media, a play on the wicked nature of crime bosses who command their areas by corruption and extortion. In Clinton’s case, the charge is really one of collusion more than other things.

Destroying evidence, obstructing justice, and “Never before has American journalism covered up for a secretary of state who’s telling falsehoods, the video that is ” exclaims. Clinton wouldn’t have an opportunity.”

The video finishes with a plea that is powerful to Republicans but to Independents and Democrats.

This is about politics—it’s about the most fundamental tenets of society and the law. For whatever reason, they’ve waited to get their hands dirty.

With our backs to the wall, We the Folks are fueled to take our state back. The gloves have come off in time to conquer Clinton. I ‘d hate to think of what the future of the nation holds, if we don’t.

Four years past, no conservative super-PAC would dare run and create such an advertisement but the times have changed.

The driver because of this revival? A Washington outsider by the name.


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