New Evidence Shows Hillary LEFT Chris Stevens To DIE In Benghazi

1 год ago
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The October surprise from WikiLeaks and Julian Assange has radically altered this whole political race. They’ve released bombshell and more than four national investigations have been driven by it into her foundation and Hillary Clinton.

The scenario is miserable and terrible; but happily, WikiLeaks has supplied thousands of e-mails showing that Hillary continues to be lying about everything for years to the American people.

Within an e-mail released we see that Ambassador Chris Stevens told several times to Hillary Clinton the security scenario in Benghazi was deteriorating and that’s was hardly safe for Americans to stay in the state.


We have signs of another e-mail showing that Hillary Clinton was aware of how terrible the situation was in Benghazi, she refused to react to Amb. Chris Stevens several times that he needed to abort the mission due to the risk, and when he made requests for increased security.

There were four important e-mails in the cache of Clinton e-mails that set Amb. Stevens in damages way:

March 27, 2011: This is an email between two State Department officials that was then forwarded to Clinton. Regarding his location and travel plans, the email said, “The current game plan is for Mr. Stevens to move no later than Wednesday from Malta to Benghazi. He will stage off shore initially for a one day visit during which he will have meetings with TNC interlocutors and get a sense of the situation on the ground. The goal of this one day trip is for him to lay the groundwork for a stay of up to 30 days.” April 8, 2011: An email among State Department employees that was later forwarded to Clinton said, “Security situation in Benghazi remains quiet. Chris Stevens & team are in the hotel, moving only for meetings as required.” April 10, 2011: Another email among State Department employees later forwarded to Clinton marked said, “The situation in Ajdabiyah has worsened to the point where Stevens is considering departure from Benghazi. The envoy’s delegation is currently doing a phased checkout. April 24, 2011: A final email among State Department employees later forwarded to Clinton: “Stevens will be meeting with MFA in one hour and will make a written request for better security at the hotel and for better security-related coordination. He still feels comfortable in the hotel. They are looking into the idea of moving into a villa, but that is some way off.”

It’d be a smack in the face if she’s elected president to every man and woman who served this nation.

She understood that it was coming, and she left our courageous men and women there to perish. She put more effort into attributing a video for the situation than to really saving guys and girls outside stranded.

That is call treason.


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