Muslim Brotherhood Caught Red-Handed Doing THIS At Airports. It’s Infuriating.

12 месяцев ago
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In response to Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban from countries that are terrorist hotbeds, liberals have been causing a ruckus in every airport.

However, reports have indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood may be organizing some of these airport protests. This footage alleges that CNN aired proof that Muslim Brotherhood connected activists are participating in, and supposedly even organizing, the travel ban protests.

The CNN footage shows a protester holding a megaphone labelled EADHR, perhaps labelled so it would be clear whose property the megaphone was during the chaotic protests. This acronym could stand for the Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights.

This organization has been outspoken in support of the once-president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. What’s even more disturbing is the group’s sympathy for and connection to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is also alleged to be active in the protests. CAIR has been labeled a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and has been named in federal prosecution documents of terrorists.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, the leader of the Los Angeles chapter of this organization supposedly called for the overthrow of the U.S. government, just after Trump won the election. The man, Hussam Ayloush, later insisted this was a joke.

Clearly, CAIR has been getting away with a little too much in this country. Perhaps it is time to revisit what motives they actually have.

Until then, their participation still raises questions about these airport protests. Do any patriotic Americans actually think there is anything wrong with Trump’s temporary ban? Or are all of these protests fake, organized by people who would rather our borders be open and vulnerable?

Liberals are trying to do everything they can to discredit and confuse the public about Trump’s temporary suspension of travel from a group of terrorist-filled countries until he can put a comprehensive plan in place. Whether there really is a Muslim Brotherhood connection here isn’t even the point. Why aren’t the media looking into these people’s motives?

Leave it to the left and the liberal media to take the protesters’ words at face value just because their arguments fit the liberal narrative. The media should be all over the fact that terrorist organizations could have their hands in these U.S. protests, but I would not hold my breath for them to even look into it.

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