MSNBC Told Senator to Define Conservatism, It Took Just 74 Seconds to Crush It! (Video)

1 год ago
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Ben Sasse, Republican Senator from Nebraska, went on MSNBC to talk with Chuck Todd, who asked a question that he thought Sasse wouldn’t be able to answer.

But he did, saying, “Most governments in the past said, ‘Might makes right, and the king has all the power, and the people are dependent subjects.’ And the American founders said, ‘No. God gives us rights by nature, and government is just our shared project to secure those rights.’”

A country is not great just because of its government, it’s great because of the people who created it and live in it.

Our government was not made to control us. We had had enough of that when we were controlled by Great Britain! That’s why we fought for our independence, because we believed that the people should have the power.

Giving one man all the power is not the answer. If we had a dictator our Founding Fathers would roll in their graves. Instead, we elect the men and women who represent us and work for our best interests.

They speak on our behalf, but they do not control us. They represent us and our country, but they do not hold the power. The American people are the ones who elected the people in the government, they would not have that power if not for us.

This is something that both the people and our officials forget, and it needs to be sorely reminded. The people have the power, not the political elites that sit up above everyone in Washington on their high horse.

Obama thinks that he has all the power, and he can do whatever he wants to our country but the American people have responded. We elected a man who is one of us, not a career politician but a real American person.

And because of that, he cares about this nation and the American people. He has vowed to fix our economy and fix our society because we gave him the ability to do so, and that’s what all elected officials should do.

Our politicians serve us, and too many of them have been furthering their own goals instead of the goals of this nation as a whole. The Democrats, especially, have become too power hungry, and they need to be stopped.

This country was built by renegades, blacksmiths, scientists, and soldiers. And now, we will make it great again, on the same principal. It’s time to rise up against the “red coats” of the Democrat party, and reclaim what is ours. It’s time to put the power back in the people’s hands once again!

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