Megyn Kelly Won’t Stop Attacking Trump, So Trump Fans Sent Her a BLUNT Message

11 месяцев ago
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Megyn Kelly, having recently left Fox News, refused to cease her hateful rhetoric against Donald Trump, but Trump’s fans are making one thing very clear to her.

Tucker Carlson, who has replaced Megyn Kelly’s prime program spot, has nearly doubled the ratings. Take that, Kelly! No one liked your hateful show, as per The Hill.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” is up 95 percent in the demographics ranging from 25 to 54 years of age — the range most advertisers covet.

Carlson gets an average of 775,000 viewers a night in this age range whereas Kelly only got around 398,000. Carlson took over Kelly’s 9 pm slot after she announced her departure from Fox News.

Fox tried to keep her, even allegedly offering her $100 million over four years for her to stay with the news program, but she stated that spending more time with her children was more important. She will be going to NBC where she is supposedly making less money.

Honestly, I think it’s a bunch of lies. She has been trying to spread her hateful rhetoric against Donald Trump since the very beginning, sounding more like a pundit from CNN than Fox News. And the American people were turning her off rather than listening to her.

Conversely, Carlson fires questions at hateful liberals, calling them on their skewed beliefs and crazy ideals. He questions why spoiled liberal college students burn flags and interrogates people who believe Sharia Law should be in America, proving himself to be a heavy hitting reporter.

The American people like that about him — he doesn’t take no for an answer, and he is not afraid to argue and point out people’s idiocy. Carlson has had programs on CNN and MSNBC in the past, but he seems to have found his calling with Fox News.

And the fans are responding. They would much rather watch Carlson than Kelly, and the ratings alone prove that. If people wanted to listen to liberal rhetoric, they would turn on CNN, yet there Kelly was, bashing Donald Trump right along with them.

Trump supporters are showing that they don’t care about Kelly leaving Fox News; very few were even surprised when she announced her intent to leave. In fact, it would have been even less surprising if she had gone to CNN rather than NBC.

Megyn Kelly did not mesh well with Fox News heavyweights like Bill O’Reilly — they had so many conflicting views that it seemed they were on two completely different news stations altogether. Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, fits right in with the conservative network, and he will be bringing the truth to the American people. Bye Kelly, you won’t be missed!

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