Media Obsessed With Leaked Trump Audio but Ignore RACIST Bill Clinton Video

1 год ago
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We all have come to realize the mainstream media is in the bag for the Clinton campaign. At every turn they lambaste Donald Trump for the things that are most ridiculously minute. Subsequently the media lets Clinton bigotry fall, Clinton offenses, and the Clinton scandals, even though all three are huge in scale.

One instance I would like to point to is the way the media has taken up the bogus-story of Trump being a racist. While the simplest of searches online shows decades of Trump receiving awards from minority leaders – including the NAACP and Jesse Jackson, so, also, does the media will not expose the unmistakable racism of the Clintons.

They’ll cherry-pick production and statements against Donald Trump to allow it to be look like he’s racist, just to drum up support for Hillary Clinton in the election. Subsequently, in regards to the glaring racism of the Clintons, the media intentionally looks the other way.

That is evidenced in the video as the fawn over the guy after his departure.

Not only was he a member of the Ku Klux Klan as they might call him he was a leader because violent and racist organization: a Grand Dragon. The truth is, even after the group was formally left by Byrd he held to their racist ideology.

Until he was over 50 years old Byrd held his segregationist views. He was committed to the notion of White superiority he filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

But the Clintons troubled.

Describing Byrd’s membership in the KKK as a fleeting association that was “,” Bill Clinton said Byrd’s direction in the organization that was racist was just a political strategy to get votes. Basically, every Democrat voter was called by Clinton .

“He was attempting to get elected.”

Hillary Clinton also sang the praises with this stone cold racist, calling mentor.” and Byrd her “pal She went on in an eulogy video after Byrd’s passing to say he was, “a guy of surpassing nobility and eloquence.”

“Only attempting to get elected”? A guy of nobility” that is “? These don’t seem like assertions that are politically driven, they seem like affirmations that are private. They have been great signs for the Clintons’ own racist beliefs that are seeded.

Perhaps that is why Bill Clinton didn’t have any ethical dilemma when he and his signature offense bill passed . Clinton himself his wife started her effort and needed to recapture the Black vote, disavowed the law as “throwing too broad a web.”

And perhaps that Hillary Clinton was so at ease in her comments about Black “super predators.”

That last line is particularly significant. You all should think about Clinton’s statement then join the fact and her words that they both really respected. Ultimately, join all of that with Bill Clinton’s resistance to the Civil Rights Act.

You then should wonder how the Clintons paint themselves. It’s enough to cause you to want to puke.

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