Media Are ‘Corrupt Scum’ – Top US Journalist TELLS THE TRUTH (Video)

1 год ago
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This video will make you want to stand up and cheer.

James O’Keefe has got to be one of the true heroes of the 2016 election campaign.

More than any other single investigative journalist, he and his team at the now legendary Project Veritas, exposed the appalling corruption festering in America’s political system, and successfully beat back a vicious smear campaign aimed at silencing him.

The main thrust of his argument was that the mainstream media is too corrupt to be able to defend itself against crusading investigative efforts like his, and that not only is it doomed, it is already dead.

And excellent presentation – very much worth watching.

In this speech he made at a libertarian conference recently, he takes a victory lap, and provides some key insight into the nature of mainstream media today, and talks about Project Veritas and what it does.

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