Major Lawsuit Just Filed Against Hillary and DNC, Dems PANIC

1 год ago
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Could it be potential Hillary Clinton is eventually going to go down for one of her offenses? Wikileaks and project Veritas work to expose her, and they might have Slick Willie’s wife backed into a corner.

A suit has also filed.

This company is the watchdog group that’s formally filed the charge.

One thing can be certain, if America has the misfortune of seeing her take office: there will many occupations… for those on her legal team.

The law requires upon receiving a charge, the FEC, to act appropriately.

Pay close focus on the word “shall” here. This implies the FEC must investigate. Moreover, this charge is not exceptionally implausible contemplating the video evidence behind it all. An intensive investigation is required by another national law according to that fact.

Before, national litigation has been managed by PILF based on many cases of voter fraud. One instance of the fraud comes from Virginia. A study revealed numerous illegal aliens and foreigners were enrolled to vote there—in just eight counties!

Groups that are “ shouldn’t be coordinating with political parties and campaigns to exploit vulnerabilities in our election system.”

“We expect that if foreigners are voting, they can be prosecuted by the Justice Department and this issue is fully investigated by the FEC,” he reasoned. “That would indicate a change in DOJ policies of the previous seven years.”

Yet, despite the fact Democrat staffers are inciting violence at Trump rallies and illegal aliens are voting, there’s one miserable truth we must admit: nothing is simple or quick about processes that are legal. The FEC probably will not have finished its investigation.

It is possible to be rest assured of one thing, yet. If this election is somehow won by Hillary Clinton, there’s an entire host of people that will continue to work to hold this girl responsible.


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