Lou Dobbs DESTROYS Anti-Trump John McCain For His Treasonous Crimes (Video)

11 месяцев ago
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John McCain, the RINO Arizona senator, has taken a liking to criticizing Trump in the media. Well, Lou Dobbs has something to say about that!

“This is also how political careers end, by the way, in hyperbolic, fatuous warnings that distort history, the words of the president, and insult a president on foreign soil,” Dobbs stated on Fox News.

John McCain is clearly going down the drain, hopping onto any news site that will take him and criticizing Donald Trump and all the implementations he is invoking to try to better this country.

To many, he’s starting to sound like a globalist liberal, making one think he’s been spending way too much time with George Soros or Hillary Clinton.

On NBC, he basically alluded to Trump becoming a dictator because he is “suppressing” the mainstream media, which is not what he’s doing. Calling CNN and other sites out on their blatant misuse of facts and their biased reporting is in no way suppression.

If so, then former President Obama was guilty of doing something similar — he used disparaging words against Fox News because they had a different viewpoint on what he was bringing to this country. He hated Fox News and often criticized them for no reason.

But Donald Trump has a reason to criticize the media — they refuse to report on a single good thing he has done in and for this country. They continue to forlorn the exit of Obama and the fact that Hillary Clinton lost, and they are so bitter that they refuse to give Trump a break.

McCain was wrong about the way Trump is running things; no one is “giving up on the West.” The United States is still the protector of democracy in the Western World. That’s what we are trying to remain under President Trump!

The violators of democracy are the ones Trump is trying to protect us from. The illegals coming in through Mexico are violating the freedoms of this country’s people — they take part in our elections and take the liberties that were fought for by our founding fathers. It is people like illegals who are the threat to democracy, not Donald Trump.

The same can be said of the countries Trump wants to better vet from the Middle East, who believe not in democracy but Sharia Law, a law which controls every aspect of life and proclaims that women and children are basically second-class citizens and have no rights.

The very fact that the American people voted for Trump shows that we are willing to fight for Western civilization and protect it at all costs, because the very idea of globalism and the socialist views of many Democrats threaten Americans. You want to talk about dictators, why don’t you take a good long look at the Democrat party?

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