Levin Skewers ‘Liberal Ass’ Meryl Streep after ‘Baloney’ Golden Globes Speech

1 год ago
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The best response to Meryl Streep’s infuriating Golden Globes speech just came from Mark Levin, editor-in-chief of Conservative Review.

Levin said, “Streep is a liberal ass and partisan who should stick to what she knows — memorizing words written by people smarter than her and then repeating them when directed to do so.”

Levin’s Facebook post points out Streep’s ignorance and her hypocrisy.

Meryl Streep has received more awards than I can count, but she’s never spoken up during an awards ceremony about anything immoral Obama did.

Levin mentions quite a few occasions where some high-profile people calling out a politician could have effected change:  Obama’s approval of the NSA mass surveillance programs, Obama’s hand in the rise of ISIS, or when Obama’s Justice Department was arming Mexican drug cartels.

Hey, even if Streep had only grown a conscience recently, Levin throws in the recent betrayal of Israel by Obama.

Why didn’t Streep speak up about any of these issues? Maybe because they wouldn’t have won her points with her liberal audience! And, especially now, that’s the only audience Streep has left.

Between making these cogent points, Levin also called Meryl Streep’s opinion “baloney” she burped up.

He added that she insulted the viewing public and those involved in the awards ceremony by using her time to tell the world her opinion, “as if what she had to say was so urgent and momentous.”

Levin is so right. The whole false narrative that Trump made fun of a disabled reporter is played out. Such that everyone in the country, except for some truly delusional liberals, knows it was entirely made up by the mainstream media.

Hey, maybe that’s why Streep is such a good actress? She memorizes what the mainstream media tells her and parrots it back to us, just like it’s a script.

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